Bringing Life To Your Winter Landscape

Winter is a dark and cold time – but it doesn’t have to be a downer. Adding life to your yard or winter garden isn’t as hard as you think and can be done in a span of only a few hours (or in the summer if you like to plan ahead). Here are a few ideas to consider…


Use Your Hardscapes

A beautiful lattice panel stands out in the snow.

A beautiful lattice panel stands out in the snow.

Getting anything to grow outside in the winter is impossible – so lean into it! Focus on utilizing the non-living aspects of your yard or garden. Structures like fencing, arbors, pergolas, statues and more are striking in the warm months and can continue to be eye catching in the winter.

Show off these structures with lights either strung around the beams or with a ground level spotlight pointed in its direction. You can also add evergreens and hearty berry plants to create a pop of color during the daytime. You can also add some decorations when appropriate.


Use Planters Everywhere

A planter displays a lovely winter arrangement.

A planter displays a lovely winter arrangement.

You can create some beautiful displays in planters, even during the winter months. You can grab your warm weather planters from storage and fill them with evergreens, grasses and berries to create beautiful cold weather arrangements. You can also add colorful bows and light elements to bring even more life into the arrangement.

If you don’t want to go crazy just adding some evergreens is still perfectly lovely. Use these at your entryway, lantern posts and  key focal points in your yard – be careful around mailboxes because the closer to the street the more likely they will be hit by plows.



Plan Ahead

Next year consider adding a little winter prep to your normal gardening routine. Think about what kinds of plants can thrive in the cold and use those in your spring and summer gardens with your normal plants. Look for plants that are hearty greens and produce colorful berries.



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Small Touches: Mailboxes & Mail Posts

Small additions to your home or yard can make a huge impact in how you see your space. One of the best little changes you can make is adding a quality mailbox and mail post. A sturdy and classically designed post will be seen by everyone including you every time you check your mail. So why not enjoy that 60 seconds everyday?

Mailboxes and posts also make the perfect gift because it’s essentially one-size suits all and it’s something that every homeowner needs. The only thing you need to know is the recipients style and home number if you want to add some additional lettering.

The Liberty Mail Post

Our most popular post has letter perfect style.

The most popular of our mail posts is the Liberty Post. The post is crafted in low-maintenance natural wood and wood alternative material AZEK™ and can withstand any kind of inclement weather.

The Liberty Mail Post is beautiful in simplicity and compliments a number of different exterior styles. You can also choose from white, cream, and verde green finishes to better suit your individual style.

Premium Aluminum Mailbox

Will meet your stamp of approval, even near the ocean.

Will meet your stamp of approval, even near the ocean.

What would go better with your new Liberty Mail Post than a brand new Aluminum Mailbox? Our Premium Aluminum Mailbox is just one of the mailbox varieties we offer but one of the most popular.

The aluminum and stainless steel mailbox comes in black, burgundy, desert sand, green, navy blue and white. No matter what color you choose your mailbox will be handcrafted with strength and durability for years to come.

You can find a number of other classic styles in both mailboxes and mailbox posts on our website or in any of our Walpole Outdoors showrooms and partner locations.

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Gifting 2018: Door Knockers

Sailboat Door Knocker

Give the gift of a great first impression! This holiday give your friends and family a gift they, and their guests, will see every single day – a custom Walpole doorknocker! Walpole doorknockers are beautifully crafted and one of a kind, taking the shape of classic elements like sailboats, pinecones, and seashells. A doorknocker is the perfect gift – it will add class and style to your friend’s or family’s home without having to know their size or favorite color!

From scallops to sailboats to pine cones to the ubiquitous pineapple, Walpole’s doorknockers make a handsome and welcoming adornment. Our doorknockers are sand cast in solid yellow or red brass and lacquered for tarnish resistance. Mounting hardware is supplied for use on wood, metal, or fiberglass composite doors.

Here are a few of our classic door knockers.

Deep Sea Scallop Door Knocker: These hand cast doorknockers are sand cast in solid yellow or red brass and lacquered for tarnish resistance.  Mounting hardware is supplied for use on wood, metal or fiberglass composite doors.  Yellow Brass 6 3/4″ dia.

Nantucket Basket Door Knocker: Bring a bit of picturesque Nantucket to your front door with this finely crafted doorknocker. Made of brass this unique piece will add a lovely touch to your home’s exterior décor.

Pinecone Door Knocker: The pinecone is one of nature’s best decorations, adorning the trees and grass with their unique shape and beauty. Bring that natural beauty to your front door! Made of brass the Walpole pinecone doorknocker looks like the real thing, coated in a beautiful brass finish!

Sailboat Door Knocker: Set sail with this beautiful sailboat doorknocker! This is the perfect gift for someone who loves the sea, or just a great nautical theme. The classic sailboat is made of brass and would look perfect on your front door, for all to see and use!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Gifting 2018: Birdhouses

Gifting giving is an art form. What do they want? What do they need? What are their interests this year? Luckily there are a few tried and true gifts that every homeowner can appreciate and get years of use out of.

The Lazy Hill Large Shingled House has eight compartments and a classic shingled design.

Sometimes you have to ignore technology and go back to the basics – like a sturdy and lovely bird house or bird feeder.

Lucky for you the Lazy Hill bird house and feeder collection is as timeless as it gets – crafted with the best materials that will ensure it will last years and years.

Even if bird watching isn’t a hobby of theirs these houses look great on fencing end caps, on posts, on porches and in so many other locations. These houses and feeders can attract a wide variety of birds and fill your warmer days with beautiful life and color.

A great place to start is with the popular Large Shingled House. This bird house is sizable and versatile crafted in durable solid cellular vinyl. This house can be placed on a post or on a number of different structures throughout a backyard or garden.


Birds of every color and size will be attracted to this magnificent handcrafted feeder that features a copper or verde top and edging band.

Other great choices include the smaller, but still lovely Lazy Hill Coppertop House. This house has a metal finial for hanging and metal bracket for mounting. This house can even make a great front entry accent.

If you would prefer gifting a feeder you have many choices including the large Lazy Hill Shingled Feeder and the smaller Lazy Hill Small Tube Feeder. Both are great pieces that will attract birds from spring through autumn.

Shop the entire line of bird houses and feeders over on our website or drop in to one of our many retail locations.

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Autumn Lantern Post Decor

An important part of your homes’ autumn exterior is a lantern post. As the days grow shorter it is more and more important that your entryways are well lit for safety and security. A lantern post with lantern is one of the best ways to achieve this whether you are on a budget or not.

While a lantern post is beautiful on its own it is also a great opportunity to add a little extra seasonal decor to the outside of your home. We have a few ideas for ways you can use this space and structure to celebrate the season…

Simple Corn Stalks

Corn stalks are an underrated elements of fall decor.

Corn stalks are an underrated elements of fall decor.

A lantern post is the perfect place to utilize corn stalks in your decorating. These look great gathered around the post and tied together with wire or a festive ribbon.

This is a look that is easy and cost effective. You can add other natural fall elements to the post like berries, flowers or corn to enhance the harvest look.

Strands Of Leaves

Leaves are a colorful, and natural, fall decorating tool.

Leaves are a colorful, and natural, fall decorating tool.

Another way to add a boost to your fall decor is to add some leaves to your lantern post. For this you will want to use fake leaves since real ones will disintegrate and fly away in inclement weather. You can find strands of autumn leaves at your local craft store in the wreath making section. If you cannot find a strand you can make your own with wire and fake leaves. Simply wrap them around the post in your desired density and secure.

Bows and Wreaths

Fall wreaths look as great on your lantern post as they do on your front door.

Fall wreaths look as great on your lantern post as they do on your front door.

If you want to do something quick and simple to add a fall touch you can place an autumn wreath or a festive bow to your lantern post. A wreath looks best secured near the center or towards the top of the post and a bow looks great just under the lantern itself.

Just make sure that you secure either piece well otherwise you may be chasing it down the street with the wind.

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4 Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins

It’s finally fall! Everyone’s favorite season is in full swing and we are celebrating by adding some fall touches to our homes and yards. Looking to make a few fall touches to the exterior of your home using fall’s favorite vegetable? We have so many ideas for you!

Metallic Pumpkins


Metallic pumpkins are great indoors and outside.

If you want to utilize pumpkins in your fall decor there are ways to do so creatively without cutting anything. A great way to add a little individuality is to create metallic pumpkins! This is easy to do yourself so you will have a custom look that will enhance your home. You can use spray paint to turn orange pumpkins into gold, silver, bronze or rose gold. A metallic pumpkin is a chic touch to any home.

Pumpkin Planters


Filling up planters with pumpkins is a great way to celebrate harvest.

You have those planters so why not create something interesting? Instead of planting fill your planters and pots with small pumpkins and gourds in a variety of colors and place them at your front entry. This is super simple and can look very chic with rustic planters. This plays up the harvest aspect of fall!


Monochromatic Pumpkins

A great monochromatic look from Town and Country Magazine.

If you love using pumpkins but also love to color coordinate you will do great with a monochromatic look for your front entry. The key to creating a stylish and simple arrangement is to rigidly stick to a defined color palette. A popular one is all white pumpkins, mums and light touches like corn husks and grasses. You can also opt for decor in natural colors like orange, brown, green and yellow or try your hand at a more unusual color like purple!


Printed Pumpkins

Amazing herringbone pumpkins from Women's Dat Magazine.

Amazing herringbone pumpkins from Women’s Day Magazine.

If you are looking for a challenge then you should try decorating with printed pumpkins! Achieving this look is all about creativity and preparation. You can use paint with stencils, free-hand, or even use tape or outer malleable materials to drape over the pumpkin. Be sure to select something that compliments your skill level and have patience.

Some fun looks can be plaid, houndstooth, polka dots, herringbone, paisley and more!

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Photo Gallery: Lantern Posts

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Autumn Exterior Lighting – Photos

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Autumn is fast approaching which means colder temperatures and longer nights. Now is the best time to make improvements and additions to your home’s exterior before winter hits. One of the most popular items this time of year is lighting – lanterns, landscape lighting and so on.

Many locations in your yard or on the exterior of your home could use some good lighting for safety and enjoyment.

Illuminated Pergola Beams

Self-anchoring rooftop pergola with recessed lighting in Boston.

Self-anchoring rooftop pergola with recessed lighting in Boston.

If you have a pergola or outdoor space like a pavilion or covered patio you would probably like to use it more often past August. These spaces are perfect candidates for new or additional lighting.

You can choose to install recessed lighting when you are constructing the structure or add a few mounted lanterns after the fact – either way you are extending the life of your outdoor spaces. This is especially important for bars and restaurants that have outdoor seating and don’t want valuable seating space to go to waste once the sun sets before 7.


Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting illuminates the front of this home.

LED landscape lighting illuminates the front of this home.

If you want to add some substantial lighting to the exterior of your home LED landscape lighting is your best bet. This lighting dramatically transforms your home and yard after dark with energy efficient fixtures.

This kind of all-over lighting is also great for home safety deterring burglars and making it easier for guests to see ground level hazards on their way to the door. if you own a business this kind of lighting is essential to keep your exterior noticeable to passersby even after you have closed for the evening.


Lantern and Post Lighting

The Arlington Pillar Post topped with a Beacon lantern.

The Arlington Pillar Post topped with a Beacon lantern.

A truly functional and versatile way to add some light to your home is with a classic lantern. Whether mounted to your home or on a decorative post lanterns are an efficient, stylish and timeless lighting solution. Light up your front walkway with a classic post-mounted lantern and bring the light to the doorway with a complementing side-mounted lantern beside the front door. The options and uses are pretty endless.

Aside from the classic entry uses lanterns can provide light pretty much anywhere you want them to. Many customers choose to add lanterns to fence posts to illuminate walk and driveway gates and signs as well as to draw attention to beautiful container gardens or structures like arbors and pergolas. Classic or contemporary in a variety of finishes it’s impossible not to find the perfect lantern for your home or business.

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