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More than Trim & Panels: Rethinking AZEK Solid Cellular Vinyl

Posted on 2021-06-28 by Walpole Outdoors

With a renewed focus on reimagining outdoor living spaces to be as equally cozy and design-forward as those found inside the walls of a home, homeowners are considering every square foot of their yards as retreats for family and friends. Transforming outdoor spaces into timelessly stylish living areas is top of mind for many. The pandemic has certainly shed new light on the value of serenity at home with the desire for safe outdoor spaces to relax, reconnect with nature, and recreate with family. 

When putting the pieces of the backyard landscape design puzzle together, you’ll consider the use of space, aesthetic, and materials to adequately reflect the personality and purpose of those who will enjoy them. And outdoor spaces can come as varied as the homeowners themselves, no doubt. There is not one blanket style, one aesthetic, nor one particular color that will appeal to each and every homeowner. But there is a single material known to win over the hearts of many.

Leveraging innovations in material science to offer sustainable solutions, AZEK has revolutionized the residential and commercial building industry. Offering the beauty and feel of real wood, high durability, and low maintenance, AZEK is an alternative material that outclasses and outlasts its wood counterpart by a long shot. 

AZEK solid cellular PVC offers the look, feel, and workability of real wood. It’s well-known as a decking, panel, and trim material, but with the right manufacturing partner, it can be used for an exciting range of structural and aesthetic applications to fulfill your designs and make them last.

Many homeowners (and designers) may see “vinyl” or “PVC” and think of AZEK as some flimsy, toxic, fake plastic substance to be avoided. In actuality, AZEK is crafted from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) using a low-emission, environmentally friendly process. AZEK is a low-maintenance material resists warping, moisture, and sun damage, retaining its sturdiness, carpenter-finish, and color for decades. 

The #1 fabricator of AZEK products is Walpole Outdoors, and this New England-based company offers unique design collaboration and customization capabilities for architectural and landscape pros who choose AZEK for their finished projects. With everything from easily integrated AZEK kit pergolas to graceful AZEK Arbors to custom planter boxes, Walpole’s extensive line of products are long-lasting, durable, and distinctive – ready and waiting for your next big plan.

When the Landscape Meets the Hardscape

As you know, the structure of a garden is not defined only by its annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Serving as a backdrop and defining the garden, dining, or living space, the architecture and the various elements integrated throughout the property provides the strongest elements of the landscape design. Inserting an AZEK arbor into your design provides an easy and eye-catching element that can transform a garden from meh to magnificent.

Often draped with rambling wisteria, colorful clematis, or fragrant climbing roses, arbors create a dramatic focal point or serve as an entryway for welcoming guests. From elegant and traditional to modern designs, AZEK arbors can be configured into the framework of any design. Integrated into fencing, enhanced with lattice, a charming built-in bench, or other creative touches, arbors handcrafted in cellular PVC offer seamless style and little-to-no maintenance for your clients.

For a classic look so many homeowners envision for their home, a Standard Spindle Top Arbor offers plenty grace and charm. It’s lovely arched top flanked by two side lattice panels can seamlessly integrate with any of Walpole’s custom AZEK fences. Or it can be standalone in a garden for a swoon-worthy garden accent in your design. An arbor brings vertical interest to the horizontal ho-hum of a yard or garden. 

With the right arbor, you can enhance a walkway, make a grand entrance, or create a shady backyard retreat. With an extensive range of styles to complement a variety of AZEK fences, from cottage to contemporary, Walpole arbors are made of beautiful, low-maintenance solid cellular PVC. 

AZEK arbors offer unrivaled high-performance and beauty because AZEK is engineered to last longer than other wood alternatives but offers the most natural hardwood look. 

The Ideal Material for Open-air Living

Looking for ways to freshen up their outdoor space in a way that speaks to the unique style of your client’s home? You can open up new possibilities for how they work, relax, and play in the outdoor spaces by designing the perfect pergola. AZEK Pergolas add architectural drama, provide a little safeguard from the elements, and extends a living or dining space underneath protective arches for cozy three-season outdoor hideaways.

Whether at home or a place of business, the addition of a structure like a pergola to any outdoor space expands its usefulness and aesthetic appeal. Reimagine open-air living with the addition of a fully customizable AZEK pergola, creating an outdoor “room” for comfy seating, cooking space, or al fresco dining that is built to last. 

With steadfast color engineered to stay true over time, you can specify the color of any Walpole AZEK pergola (or other AZEK product) with a palette of more than 100 color choices in vinyl safe paint from Sherwin Williams, with a 25-year warranty against cracking, peeling, and blistering. And Walpole’s’ expansive line of diverse grain options - including intricate, hand-scraped looks - offers elegant style with better protection. Each AZEK pergola has sturdy construction allowing for a manually operated ShadeFX canopy, offered in over fifty Sunbrella rain-resistant, waterproof, and commercial fabrics. And, Alloy Armour Technology provides a special capping protecting all four sides of the boards, empowering your client’s AZEK pergola to stand the test of time by resisting moisture and its corrosive effects.

Consider adding one of Walpole’s artfully designed weighted planter boxes to an AZEK pergola. Whether adding another layer to your customized design or serving as a sophisticated stand-alone statement piece, planter boxes are a versatile solution for homeowners and business owners alike. Solid cellular vinyl planter boxes have the look and feel of real wood but are far more durable and offer slim-to-no maintenance.  

AZEK: It’s more than Just Trim. 

Available to a worldwide audience, Walpole Outdoors’ product lines extend well beyond AZEK Trim, Decking, and Railings. Synonymous with quality and innovation and made in America, Walpole Outdoors is an industry leader, continually collaborating with architecture and design professionals to deliver impeccable style and uncompromising quality. 

Your best work can shine in this exceptional material. From AZEK fences that incorporate customized milling to posts, gates, and railings. Walpole can make it real. From concept to completion, Walpole Outdoors is ready to provide you with unique engineering, CNC milling, and unparalleled partnership and support throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. 


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The Perfect Family Room: Creating an Outdoor Space to Play, Dine, and Grow

Posted on 2021-06-09 by Walpole Outdoors

There’s no substitute for having a comfortable, pleasant, versatile outdoor space at your home. During the COVID pandemic, families came to appreciate just how important these spaces can be, as they spent more time at home than ever. This summer, create a space for your family to enjoy both fresh air and each other’s company when you build the ultimate outdoor family room. 

No matter what the space will be used for, your outdoor family room should create a sense of destination. Because if the last year has taught us anything, it's that creating a home where you truly love to spend time with your favorite people is more than worth the effort. 

But if your outdoor area lacks the comfort and amenities to make it a great place to gather with loved ones, you might be thinking of a backyard remodel. Perhaps you're considering a complete overhaul or maybe just a minor facelift. No matter the scale of your project, you’ll want to think about the way you plan to creatively transform your outdoor space into the perfect family room. And likely you’ll find the possibilities are endless. 

Summer and the Outdoor Livin’s Easy

As the go-to area for everything from movie nights to playdates and all the bonding times in-between, the family room is central to your home. Likewise, an outdoor family room serves as a space for play, meals, and making memories.


Creature comforts like sofas, lamps, or rugs found within the home can make for a terrific outdoor space. Outdoor spaces can be as chic and comfortable as your living room, becoming natural extensions of the home. But you can't just plop a settee and coffee table randomly in the yard and proclaim it your new "outdoor room." 

To create one that's comfortable, cohesive, functional, and anything but cookie-cutter, consider starting with a custom AZEK pergola to define your outdoor space. As outdoor activity increases so does the need for privacy, shade, and shelter from the elements. Vinyl pergolas can also be augmented with lattice panels to creates the kind of privacy you’ll want in your outdoor space. 

Next, invest in an outdoor sectional that is as comfy as your indoor sofa and add a stylish rug that can withstand the elements. Swap your family's Netflix time for making s'mores around the fire pit. And voila, you have everything you’re creating and outdoor oasis so cozy, it will make your living room jealous.

Outdoor Spaces for All Ages

Growing up, was your treehouse or fort your favorite hangout? Your kids deserve that same sense of outdoor wonder and fun. Having a designated outdoor area that's just for your children is important for fostering creativity, imagination, and independent play. Get your kids to put their smartphones and tablets down and play outside in a retreat of their own. Consider a custom AZEK pergola outfitted with a lattice fence for creating perfect outdoor enclaves for reading, playing board games, or watching outdoor movies. 

Really, what could be more magical than watching your favorite movie under the stars? When the sun sets, there’s nothing is better than an outdoor flick on a huge projector screen. Once you’ve installed your AZEK pergola, string up some fairy lights, set up your outdoor projector, and grab the popcorn. It’s showtime.

Al Fresco Dining

Whether your outdoor family space is a city balcony or a sprawling ranch with enviable acreage, dining outdoors in a much-anticipated ritual during the warmer months of the year. Dining al fresco with your family offers the chance to slow down and relax, together. Not to mention, food and drinks just taste better when enjoyed outside, period. 

Motivated by the mouthwatering aromas and seasonings that only come with cooking on outdoor barbecues and grills, cooking (and dining) al fresco has evolved into a favorite at-home family activity. Custom vinyl pergolas easily lend themselves to creating outdoor family dining spaces. 

Easily one of the most visually appealing ways to enhance your family’s outdoor space is with a custom AZEK pergola, offering shelter from inclement weather and enhancing your backyard space. For an instant cozy family dining area outdoors, you can demarcate the chosen space with planters or a lattice fence panel. And add built-in lighting to your already-gorgeous AZEK pergola to create ambience (and to light up evening meals and activities).

Grow Together

Sure, watching movies and playing games with your children is fun, but this summer, move your bonding time outdoors. Head to the backyard and spend summer days together outside in the garden this season.

Consider the design of your garden, and perhaps, let your children weigh in. Limited space? A lattice fence is ideal for vertical container gardening. Got some serious square footage? Design a dreamy cottage garden outfitted with arbors with gates for a space straight out of the storybooks. 

Walpole offers limitless possibilities for creating truly stunning garden enclosures. Appointed with an expansive line of arbors with gates and custom fencing you can add some serious aesthetic appeal to your family’s garden.

Create the Perfect Family Room with Walpole

Walpole Outdoors are the leading designers, fabricators, and installers of the highest quality AZEK pergolas and other premium products. They offer a wide array of classical, contemporary, and fully customized design options in fencing, vinyl pergolas and arbors with gates. Walpole specializes in creating amazing outdoor spaces for the most discerning homeowners. Our professional design team is available now to schedule a free measurement and consultation of your property, so you can start planning right now for your outdoor family room and enjoy the wonderful year you’ve been waiting for. 


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Roofscaping: 5 Top Ways Businesses Are Using Roof Spaces.

Posted on 2021-05-19 by Walpole Outdoors

During an era when the experience is everything, rooftops are certainly an elevated draw. And it’s no wonder why. Rooftop areas have been on the rise in recent years as sought-after spaces for bars, restaurants, and hotels. As social distancing remained a priority, many outdoor venues have gotten creative over this last year. Rooftop spaces have continued to pop up across the country in the form of dining rooms, gardens, and co-working spaces. And it doesn’t look like the trend will be going away. Businesses have found that the sky’s the limit when considering the untapped potential of vertical space. 


1. Sky High Workspaces

Rooftop workspaces have been top-of-mind for developers and owners of urban office buildings long before the pandemic. It’s a great way to appeal to potential employees - adding a terrace with a vinyl pergola and reimagining once-barren rooftops into parklike settings where workers can unfurl yoga mats, swing in a hammock, or simply work amid more pleasant surroundings. Lengthening the workspace tether was certainly a logical next step in the evolution of flexible offices this last year. Now, with the return to the workspace in full swing. Installing AZEK fencing to define a rooftop workspace creates a private, purposeful space for employees. A vinyl pergola can offer shade in the heat of summer allowing your employees to relax, eat lunch, and meet with co-workers. And integrating a few low-maintenance AZEK planter boxes transforms a rooftop space from meh to memorable.

2. Offer a Taste of the High Life

Rooftop bars might have once seemed like a novelty. Common in places like New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago, rooftop bars have been among the most popular, profitable, and continuously evolving spaces in the food and beverage industry. While rooftop bars in densely populated cities with skyline views might be common, many restaurants are getting into the rooftop game to differentiate themselves among the competition. During a time when adequate ventilation and sufficient room to socially distance has become paramount, alleys, parking lots, and sidewalks have been transformed into usable space. And these trends will likely shape the future bar scene, dominating bar culture for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t considered your vertical space, transforming your rooftop can work to your advantage, diversifying revenue streams and providing safe, convenient methods for socialization. Consider vinyl pergolas and custom lattice panels integrated with lighting and speakers for added ambiance. Or AZEK fencing can create private and intimate lounge spaces within your rooftop bar so your guests can sip a cocktail while remaining outdoors, enjoying an evening in the clouds.

3. Elevate Your Al Fresco Dining 

Rooftops offer an intimate, private setting for dining with sweeping views and an air of exclusivity. Because rooftop terraces naturally offer added ambiance, they invite guests to linger. Creating a space that encourages your guests to sit and stay awhile is a space that offers serious revenue-generating potential. Consider your brand and audience and design your rooftop space around that. To increase usability, consider covering a part of your rooftop space for shading and rain protection with a vinyl pergola. You can integrate swoon-worthy details like fire pits, twinkling lights, sofas, chairs, and conversation areas into your pergola’s design. For privacy, AZEK fencing with some custom lattice panels can prove to be a stylish solution for carving out intimate lounge spaces. 

4. Create a Rooftop Garden Oasis

Architectural, multilayered, well-drained and with panoramic views, rooftop gardens are a true surprise & delight space at any workplace or restaurant. Equal parts grit and glam, rooftops and terraces feature all the amenities of a pastoral retreat—outdoor dining spaces, cozy seating areas, planters filled with lush greenery and blooming buds—all from a lofty perch. Imagine wisteria-wrapped vinyl pergolas for both structure and serious charm. Consider AZEK fencing for seclusion. Fill custom AZEK planter boxes with heat-tolerant perennials and shrubs for seasonal interest. And soak in that view. Walpole Outdoors’ expansive line of custom vinyl pergolas, AZEK planter boxes and fencing can transform any rooftop into the garden escape you’ve been dreaming of. 

5. The Rooftop Community Space

There’s a new amenity at the top of most tenants’ wish lists: The rooftop. Versatile and attractive, rooftop spaces are one of the newest, most coveted amenities to hit the commercial residence market. And it’s no wonder why. Rooftops offer a trendy, al fresco atmosphere where residents will want to spend most of their time enjoying skyline views—leading to opportunities for extra revenue and an increased likelihood they will renew their lease. Transform your communal rooftop deck, into something all residents can enjoy while swimming, grilling, or exercising. AZEK fencing and vinyl pergolas outfitted with lattice panels can help create outdoor lounge spaces outfitted with TVs or movie projectors, grilling areas, fire pits, or gardening areas.

Ready to Reimagine Your Rooftop?

Synonymous with quality and innovation and made in America, Walpole Outdoors is an industry leader, that has served the most discerning homeowners and businesses for over 85 years. Rethink your rooftop space and consider the potential for custom AZEK integrations from pergolas to planters. If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor space, Walpole Outdoors can develop a solution that matches your needs from consultation to concept to completion.


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