Yellow Flowers

Mellow Yellow: The Best Yellow Flowers

Sunflowers are an essential summer flower!

Want to add some sunshine to your garden? Yellow flowers give your garden a burst of happiness instantly with their vibrant, golden petals! There are thousands of yellow flower varieties out there, something for every gardener in every climate. There are, however, some longtime favorites. Here are a few of ours…

Marigolds: Marigolds are a classic yellow flower with their beautifully bright petals. These flowers are versatile as they are small enough to plant in a container with other flowers and large enough to be beautiful on their own!

Sunflower: Easily the most famous and popular yellow flower the sunflower is a timeless classic and instantly recognizable. Sunflowers are big and bright, growing high above everything else in your garden. Sunflowers are great because they come in many varieties depending on what size you are looking to grow. But whatever size they may be, nothing screams “joy” like a beautiful bright sunflower!

Goldenrod: This flower looks exactly like it sounds. Goldenrod produces beautiful bunches of tiny golden flowers on hundreds of little rods that butterflies absolutely love. This plants is bright and easy to grow, making it a perfect addition to your garden and when cut, a perfect addition to any summer floral arrangement!

Black-Eyed Susans: Another classic flower, black-eyed Susans are known by all for their sunny yellow flowers and dark centers. These flowers are versatile, growing both as a regular bunch and as a climbing vine. An added perk is that these flowers are very strong with a long growing season starting in the spring and lasting through fall! Keep the sunny cheer going for months with the right care!

Daffodil: Perhaps the most recognizable spring flower, the daffodil brings a burst of color to your garden throughout the spring and summer months. Daffodils are a beautiful garden addition and work as a great floral border as well. Plant in early spring to enjoy for several months making sure they get plenty of sunshine!




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