Walpole Planters in Action – Photos

A lovely array of pink flowers grows in this Paneled Planter.

A lovely array of pink flowers grows in this Paneled Planter.


Two Orangerie Planters flank a doorway.

Rectangular planters line a lattice panel in this outdoor entertaining area.

Rectangular planters line a lattice panel in this outdoor entertaining area.

Window boxes covered in beautiful blooms!

Window boxes are lost in beautiful flowers!

Standard planter boxes frame the doorway.

Standard planter boxes frame the doorway.


Rockport square planters look lovely together on the front porch.


Planters bring some color to this patio area.


The inlaid panels on these specially weighted planter boxes artfully match the styling of the pergola columns to which they are attached.


These custom planters are crafted in AZEK, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood, yet won’t rot, crack, or split, and will hold its pristine appearance for years.


Housed within expansive custom Walpole planters crafted in low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC, the pergola’s distinctive iron columns provide strength and stability while encouraging hardy climbing plants.

14351_rooftop Planter GW0187

Heighten the sophistication of an outdoor area far above the street with Walpole planters that can be created to any shape and size, in the design of your choice.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Overlooking the tennis court, on the wall are large, rectangular Rockport Walpole planters that feature detailed, vertical boards.


A rectangular Rockport Planter adds some life to this railed area.


The Paneled Planter looks great at this entry.


The Doylestown Planter houses and eclectic mix of autumn plants.


The Tapered Planter and Tapered Paneled Planter look lovely together.


The Tapered Rockport Planter has a regal shape perfect for an entry.

Walpole Woodworkers

Beauty in symmetry.

Walpole Woodworkers

The clean, smooth surface and handcrafted curved standard brackets of the Bullnose Window Box will perfectly complement your smartest plant arrangement.


What could be more apropos for a home with a location that’s by the shore, harbor, or lake – or as a thoughtful gift for boat enthusiasts?


Understated but charming vertical lines mark this as an ideal window box for any home’s style.


Offered in sizes that are appropriate for homes with larger windows, Estate window boxes have a charm that complements the creativity of flower gardeners.

Walpole Woodworkers

Beautiful Bullnose Window Boxes with pink flowers.



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