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Summer Building: Vinyl Fencing

Nantucket Picket Fence

Summer is the best time to build! We now revisit one of our articles from the fall so that you can make a great decision when choosing fencing this summer.

Everyone dreams of the classic American home with its quaint charm and white picket fence. If you are looking to turn that dream into a reality a great place to start is with that iconic fence.

A white fence adds a sense of simple charm to a home not matter what style. The classic and rustic Cellular Vinyl Wolcott Picket Fence or the more dramatic Vinyl Cambridge Spindle Fence, both give off that same “homey” feeling and enclose everything that you hold dear.

A fence is great for privacy and security but also an aesthetic enhancement to your property that may increase curb appeal and property value. Vinyl fencing has a few advantages over the more traditional wood fence, all of which have to be taken into account when choosing what fence is right for your home.

  • Lifespan: Vinyl fencing is essentially made to last a lifetime. Unlike the wood fences vinyl is designed to emulate, vinyl will not rot or tarnish and is not susceptible to things like mold, termites, and other types of decay.
  •  Maintenance: Maintaining a vinyl fence is easy and not costly. Because it is made with synthetic materials vinyl will not require frequent repainting or staining. Vinyl fences will not withstand water damage. All you need to do to maintain your vinyl fence is simply wash it occasionally when the elements pepper it with dirt or pollen. Vinyl panels will not splinter and the nuts and bolts holding them together will not loosen as the materials expand and contract from the weather.
  • Appearance: For the most part vinyl fencing is designed to look like wood. From afar it is almost impossible to distinguish a wood fence from a vinyl fence. But up close it is much easier to tell. The good news, however, is that vinyl fencing has come a long way and is now much more natural looking up close.
  • Cost: Yes, vinyl fencing is more costly than wood. But if you take into account the extended lifespan you will actually get more bang for your buck with a vinyl fence. If you don’t plan on re-landscaping or changing your outdoor aesthetic in the next five years vinyl is the way to go.

The most important part in looking for a fence is making sure it will be a perfect fit in your yard. Browse through Walpole Outdoors’ wide selection of vinyl fencing and see which one catches your eye.



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