Things To Do Around The House (While You’re Stuck There)

Home is where the heart is – it’s also where everyone is! If the stress of the news has you feeling blue you need something to take your mind off it. These at-home chores and tasks will give your day some much needed substance while also creating a more pleasant space to be in.

crystal-de-passille-chabot-9gzU1mtTzWM-unsplashEarly Spring Cleaning

It is just barely spring but you can still get to work with that spring cleaning! A top to bottom cleaning of the home will make your home look great as well as give you a little peace of mind.

Start in the kitchen with a full refrigerator and stove/oven cleaning. These are normal tasks people hate because they are involved and take time but you will be so happy once it is done. Going through and cleaning other major appliances is also a great way to really get  your home in tip-top shape.


burgess-milner-OYYE4g-I5ZQ-unsplashCloset Clean Out

Another true undertaking is a full closet clean out. Find all of your clothes, and we mean ALL of them and assemble them in a room. Go through each item, try things on and evaluate whether you should keep or ditch. If you have some near new items you can try and sell them on secondhand apps and websites but otherwise any thrift store or charity would love to have them.

Once you have gone through everything you now have the opportunity to fully reorganize! Maybe re-do your drawers like Marie Kondo? Maybe you’ve always wanted to have a color coordinated closet? Now is the time! Make it fun – listen to some music, a podcast or audiobook while you work.


martin-knize-JjT_7MwREm4-unsplashSpring Yard Cleaning

Now is the time to really get your yard in shape for the spring and summer season. Your outdoor tasks will depend on your specific yard and whether or not you have a landscaper but there is always something that can be done!

Getting rid of the branches and leaves left over from winter is a great way to get started. If you have the supplies on hand you can also replant or fertilize the grass, trim bushes and small trees and get the garden area started for planting when the weather gets a bit warmer.

You can also take this time to clean your structures! Whether you have wood or AZEK (or any other vinyl) your fence or pergola would love a good cleaning.



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