The Perfect Planters for Home

The bleakness of winter can take its toll. Add some color to your surroundings wherever you live! A great all-season investment in your own happiness is one of our fine planters. Made to last, our planters are versatile and serve as a blank canvas for your creativity.

Planters add beauty to any living space.

Planters add beauty to any living space.

Create small planter gardens full of colorful flowers in the spring and transition with an assortment of evergreens and hearty plants during the winter. Big and small, our planters work indoors and outside – by the mailbox, at the front entry and anywhere in between.

Each of our planters is crafted in AZEK wood alternative an incredible material that maintains the look and feel of wood without rotting, splintering or warping making it perfect for all-season use (no water damage!). You can use any of our planters without a liner but we do offer them separately for interior use or quick seasonal changes.

We offer planters in a variety of sizes and styles like the smaller Dory Planter that would look great at the font entry or indoors or the much larger Courtyard Planter that makes a big statement outdoors.


Two Orangerie planters framing a front door.

Two Paneled Planters frame a bench that overlooks a pool

Custom planters create a beautiful and lush barrier on this rooftop patio right in the middle of Boston.


The shapely Tapered Rockport Planter.

A beautiful winter arrangement featuring two tapered planters.

The sturdy Paneled Planter.

Custom rooftop planters add some green to this city dwelling and serve as a weighted anchor for this rooftop pergola.

Rockport Planters paired with beautiful lattice panels.

Rockport Planters framing this seaside retreat.

The classic Doylestown Planter.

A Rockport Planter adds a touch of color to a beautiful scene.

Two Rectangular Standard Planters make a beautiful porch barrier.



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