2014 Trends: Sustainable Gardening

On Trend: Sustainable Gardening

One of the biggest growing trends in gardening is creating a sustainable garden. Sustainable gardening is essentially taking steps to reduce your environmental footprint by utilizing more natural tools and practices. Instead of buying soil make your own compost pile, instead of using gas powered tools use your hands, save your seeds, and repurpose tools and containers from your home instead of throwing them away.

For an avid gardener making the changes to creating a more sustainable space is not terribly difficult. You are still growing and harvesting from the soil, it’s the tools you use and your methods of getting there that are altered.┬áHere are a few simple tips to making your own garden more sustainable.

1. Use your waste effectively. All plants and gardeners love some nutrient rich soil. Instead of buying soil create your own with the plant waste you already have! This will reduce costs all around as well as reduce your environmental impact since you are no longer throwing away great organic materials. The only thing you need is enough space for a compost pile and enough organic waste materials to make it large enough to start breaking down. Read more on how to create your own compost pile in one of our previous blogs posts.

2. Attract good bugs to your garden. Most people see insects as nothing but pests. But insects can be incredibly beneficial to your garden. Worms are great for a garden because they keep the soil moist and rich in nutrients by the production of vermicasts. The byproducts of the worms attract fungi and bacteria that works with your plants keeping the soil rich with nutrients. The best way to achieve this is to limit use of chemicals and to buy or create a worm farm in your garden.

3. Retain moisture to reduce water waste. The best way to reduce water waste is to utilize great organic materials for your mulch or ground coverings. Utilize some of the product from your compost or other organic materials like pine cones, bark, and dead plant materials.

4. Plant to attract pollinators. The best way to keep your garden growing is to attract natural pollinators to your plants. To do this you just have to diversify your garden by planting a few new plants that pollinators are attracted to. Bees are some of the best natural pollinators you can get. Attract them to your yard with plants that suit your garden and grow natively. Check out this list to see what kinds of plants in your area bees would flock to.



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