Spring Building

It’s Time To Build!

Nantucket Picket Fence

The ground has de-frosted and the flowers have started blooming — spring is finally here! After a long winter appreciating the outdoors is a must, and something you can do a lot easier if you have a place to go to enjoy it.

Now is the best time there is to get building! Whether you are adding a structure onto your home or starting from scratch you have ample time and good weather.

At Walpole Outdoors our most popular outdoor structures continue to be our beautiful pergolas and pergola kits. Pergolas not only provide shade during the sunniest months, they are also a great way to add curb appeal and beauty to your home. You can install a large one to keep a dining set under or a smaller one for flowers to climb! You can also add an arbor to your property, entryway, or fencing to get the same beautiful look!

This year more and more homeowners are adding larger structures to their homes like beautifully crafted outdoor kitchens and bars with solid metal or shingled roof structures. To bring you the best, we now offer and install Danvers outdoor kitchens customizable to all of your needs.

A smaller addition that many make during the spring months is adding a tool or gardening shed to your property. After the winter has soaked through your older shed now is the perfect time to replace it and start fresh. Install one now and get tons of use for it through the season and still have time to prep it for the winter so it stays beautiful for years to come.

If the winter has done a number on your fence, or it’s time for a change now is a perfect time to plan and install a new one! Work with one of our outdoor experts to map out your new fence and choose a material that best suits your needs. Whether you go with a classic wood, maintenance-free vinyl, or stylish metal you can’t go wrong with a Walpole fence.

With all of these ideas you should be inspired to get building! Fill out an online consultation form or give us a call at 800-343-6948 so we can help you every step of the way.



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