Safety and Curb Appeal – The Walpole Difference

A home featuring an elegant Chestnut Hill with alternating pickets and distinctive, double walk gate with scalloped top.

A home featuring an elegant Chestnut Hill fence with alternating pickets and distinctive, double walk gate with scalloped top.

Whether you plan on selling your home at any point or not curb appeal has a lot of impact on your home’s value. When homeowners are preparing their home for a sale they generally focus on the interior while the exterior is just as, if not more important to get people interested in the first place. If a home isn’t appealing on the outside are people really going to want to see what’s on the inside? You have to ask yourself: “what kind of first impression is my home making?”

Sprucing up the exterior of your home doesn’t have to include extensive landscaping or a complete overhaul of the home itself, sometimes it just takes a beautiful, simple structure to tie everything together – like a fence.

Quality fencing is a practical way to add some exterior excitement to your home to boost curb appeal and make stellar first impressions. You can add something unique that accentuates the uniqueness of your home or something classic and timeless that will last for decades and always be in style.

Walpole fencing is unmatched in quality and design – that’s the Walpole difference. With over 40 styles to choose from, Walpole Outdoors has a fencing option for every style home on every terrain in every climate.

A classic and rustic post and rail fencing in white cedar.

A classic and rustic post and rail fencing in white cedar.

Adding a Walpole fence to your home not only increases the beauty but the security by adding an extra layer of stable protection between your home and the street, wild animals and other people. Using it to secure a pool or other dangerous area of the backyard is essential for any homeowner.

A fence is an investment in the life and value of your home. Walpole fencing is durable and will last years and years. And with the incredible AZEK wood alternative material you will have no maintenance for the life of your fence. Unlike wood AZEK will never rot, split or warp due to moisture. The durable material is also versatile and can be painted any Sherwin-Williams vinyl safe color with a 25-year warranty.

If you like the look of natural wood Walpole specializes crafting wood fencing from the highest quality white and western red cedar. After all, our name was originally Walpole Woodworkers. The wood selections are finished with Sherwin Williams stain and installed either by our experts or shipped in sections with instructions.

Walpole Outdoors is dedicated to creating the perfect fencing for each individual customer insuring quality and stability.

You could throw away your money on a low-quality fence that will last you a few years (or until the next blizzard) or you could make an investment that will last you decades and create positive first impressions. The choice is pretty simple.



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