Rustic Outdoors

Rustic Aesthetic

There are a myriad of ways for your to decorate the exterior of your home. You can go for a classic look with a white picket fence or a regal look with a sweeping, detailed iron fence. One look that is always a hit is the rustic look. Creating a rustic outdoors look is all about simplicity and keeping it natural. You can add some rustic elements to your yard or you can go for an allover design. Rail fencing made from beautiful natural cedar is a must-have for a rustic exterior and a great place to start. After the fence you can add in a beautiful natural pergola or arbor. The idea is to make you structures look like you created them yourself.

Here are a few of our true rustic products that can add real character to your home. Take note of their surroundings when thinking about how to create beautiful landscaping and gardening around them.

Split Rail Fencing

This rustic all season fence is ideal with blooms, shrubbery, and trees alike. Unpretentious but fully functional, it blends harmoniously with your landscape in a suburban or country setting. A sturdy companion, it will stand up to all kinds of weather, season after season with little or no attention. Walpole has many style choices in split rail fence, and will work with you to custom built an enclosure that is just right for you needs and architecture.

Rustic Gallery Arbor

That simplicity can also be charming is evident in this Rustic Arbor that continues like a Pergola to form a delightful walkway.

Rustic Patio Pergola

An outdoor room reminiscent of a log cabin is created by the rustic pergola that collaborates magnificently with the depth and presence of a commanding stone fireplace.

Split Rail Fence Gate

This sturdy, durable, and extremely functional three rail cedar fence and gate incorporates wire mesh to deter marauding wildlife or secure family pets. It is just one example of the more than 30 fence styles Walpole has to offer. We will also custom create a classic or contemporary fence to meet your specific taste, needs, and lifestyle – in natural wood or in low maintenance cellular PVC.

Log Rail Bridge

All bridges are constructed with three 2″ x 8″ pressure treated stringers, natural Atlantic White Cedar decking and cedar railings. Arched bridges measure 48″ inside of posts, the 10′ length has 2 end posts, the 12′ and 14′ have 2 end posts and 2 in-line posts. Flat bridges measure 60″ inside of posts, the 10′ length has 2 end post, the 12′ and 14′ have 2 end posts and 1 in-line post.




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