Project Spotlight: Restaurant Pergola

A freestanding pergola adds room for dining space outside.

A freestanding pergola adds room for dining space outside.

The Mohawk House in Sparta, New Jersey, chose Walpole to create a structure that would invite outdoor dining, while enhancing the restaurant’s warm atmosphere and visually appealing setting. Expansive Walpole pergolas are allowing restaurants nationwide to provide additional seating more quickly and perhaps more cost-effectively than a full-blown build-out expansion project. 

By creating a light and airy outdoor room, a Walpole pergola affords businesses and homeowner alike many opportunities to be creative with the space. Whether it includes dining tables and chairs, relaxed seating areas, or elaborate outdoor bars and kitchens, the options are almost limitless.

While Walpole pergolas create a dynamic sense of space and openness, they are also extremely functional. This structure features double shade canopies. The motor drive operation allows the canopy to be closed quickly as the push of a button, protecting diners and staff from harsh, direct sunlight, or drizzling rain. 

A monorail drive beam supports each canopy in the middle with “wings” that suspend the fabric. This unique design solution allows the rain to drain to the sides, rather than pool in the middle. During this party, when light rain began to fall, the canopies were quickly closed, and the event continued without disruption.


Pergolas are perfect for outdoor parties in the spring and summer.


Dozens of people dine under the pergola in Sparta, New Jersey.


The motorized canopy makes adding additional coverage overhead simple.


The expansive pergola has allowed the Mohawk restaurant to expand its seating exponentially.



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