Project Spotlight: Public School Pergola

These public school pergolas are great for students and teachers alike.

These public school pergolas are great for students and teachers alike.

Parents, teachers, and administrators alike are delighted that arriving pupils can stay comfortable even on rainy mornings under the solid roof covering of an impressive expanse of pergola. Substantial supporting columns atop stone bases add to the pleasing architectural design.

On the other side of the building high-schoolers can chill in an outdoor area not far from classrooms and the demands of a rigorous curriculum. This inviting seating area is defined by an extra-long custom pergola. A smart feature is the pergola’s solid roof, providing shelter no matter the weather.

For generations, Walpole has worked with builders, developers, and architects to create custom outdoor structures to exacting specifications and style demands. Today, our custom pergolas are handcrafted in low maintenance, long-wearing cellular PVC.

2012-09-09 00.47.03

Underneath the pergola.

2012-09-09 00.46.24

The expansive pergola on the front portion of the building.

2012-09-09 00.41.24

Pergola covering a seating area.

2012-09-09 00.40.11

This pergola provides shade for students when they are enjoying the outdoor seating area.



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