Play Ball! Walpole’s In Your Dugout

For the most part, those of us from New England are aware that the Boston Red Sox season home opener is April 13. While this event generates some excitement around these parts, even non-baseball aficionados and folks from other regions should have cause to smile, as the home opener is an unofficial announcement that spring is in the air (though we know not to closet the bulky coats just yet).

At Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, the Green Monster is the venerable wall that stretches 231 feet across leftfield. By the way, Left-Center Field is 379 feet, and Deep Right Field is 380 feet. Do you care about these numbers? Me neither.

Fenway Park and Green Monster

However, some measurements closer to home are much more relevant to your comfort and lifestyle.

For instance, do you know the length of your property in front, the perimeter of your back yard, the area of your patio, or the true dimensions of your deck?

These are important numbers if you are thinking about how a classic picket fence would add to your curb appeal, how a board fence might provide greater privacy in your back yard, or how an attached shade pergola would create an outdoor room for relaxing and entertaining throughout the warmer months.

Here’s where having a Walpole professional on your side is invaluable.

Whatever project you have in mind – especially if you are not absolutely certain of what you want – visit or call your local Walpole Outdoors location, or call Walpole’s main number, and arrange a design consultation.

A Walpole design consultation is absolutely free, with no obligation involved. A Walpole professional will come to your home at a convenient, prearranged time. The expert will not only take measurements around your property, but will also offer guidance, and tell you all about the advantages of Walpole’s handcrafted cellular PVC, the incredible material that looks exactly like natural wood, yet requires little upkeep for years.

Walpole Outdoors Board Fence

Stepped Board Fence by Walpole Outdoors

During this free at-home design consultation, Walpole encourages you to ask questions such as: how high should my fence be; what style of gate is ideal; will the pergola I choose complement my home’s architecture; will a pavilion or small building meet my family’s needs; what outdoor furniture would look best on my deck, and where should I locate arbors? …the list goes on.

Whatever your questions and interests, Walpole will provide answers, reassurance, and expertise that you can rely on, all at no charge.

So, as the boys of summer take to the field, now’s a great time to get your outdoor lifestyle plans into full swing. For a free design consultation, contact your local Walpole Outdoors store, or call 800-343-6948.



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