Planning Your Outdoor Space

The ground might be frozen solid and snow may still be in the forecast but you can still get started planning your warm weather outdoor space. Before even breaking ground getting an idea of what you want out of an outdoor space is crucial. Do you need seating? Do you do a lot of cooking? Do you have a pool?

Define The Space


Whether rinsing off from a day at the beach or from tending your garden, there’s nothing more refreshing than a summertime outdoor shower.

If you are someone who loves to entertain then you probably want ample space for guests and plenty of seating. Outdoor furniture and a defined seating area are important aspects of the space for this use.

If you have a pool you might want something shaded to keep cool and perhaps an outdoor shower to minimize walks through the house. Think about the space and what kind of use it gets the most.

If you cook you might want to create a shaded pergola space with an outdoor kitchen!

Measure And Plan The Main Structure

A picturesque pergola.

A picturesque pergola.

A great place to start planning is by measuring and deciding on the focal point first. Think about what you need and map it out.

If you add a pergola how much space can you accommodate? What style suits your home? Planning the largest aspect of the space first will give you a more realistic idea of how much your space can handle.


Talk To A Professional

This sag harbor setup is perfect for endless summer relaxation.

This sag harbor setup is perfect for endless summer relaxation.

If you don’t know exactly what your options are you can always consult a professional.

The professionals at Walpole Outdoors are happy to work with you to determine what your space needs and what would best suit your personal style.

Professionals can also tell you more on construction, materials and durability to make your decision sound. Schedule a Free Design Consultation to start talking with an expert now!




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