Planning Your Spring Garden Space

Spring Garden Ideas To Create The Perfect Space

Finally, spring is on it’s way! There is no better time to start planning your spring garden space than now.

Butchart Gardens in Springtime

Garden space means something different to all of us: some of us love to plant and care for flowers, some love fruits and vegetables and some prefer a sitting space surrounded by nature. Whichever you prefer we have some great tips to create a garden you will get plenty of use of.

Create a space to sit and enjoy: What good is a beautiful garden if you can’t enjoy it? Create a sitting space for thinking, reading or even entertaining. You could go for a full patio, comfortable couches under a beautiful pergola or something as simple as our Hyde Park Bench nestled in the greenery. Once you have a sitting space in mind you can start to build around it adding touches to make it your own little escape.

Think color: Have a color in mind for this season? While a multicolored garden is always lovely a monochromatic look has a certain romance to it. Try an all white garden with roses and tulips in clean crisp white. It will be your little slice of heaven.

Newport Rocking Chair

Plan around blooms: When deciding where to plant what keep in mind each plants unique bloom period and maintenance requirements. Keep varieties that require similar care together so you can be sure every plant is getting optimal sunlight and moisture. Also keep in mind when they will be at their full blooming best and plan accordingly – you might want everything vibrant at the same time or different plants that bloom at different points in the season.

Add structure: Adding some hardscape to your garden is a great way to maintain a focal point year round (even in the snow). One great addition is an arbor at an entryway. Arbors are beautiful on their own but made better with climbing plants that add a pop of color in spring or summer. To achieve a similar looking with climbing plants you can also utilize simple or unique lattice panels that can be place virtually anywhere. If your garden space is on the small side you can always create some whimsy with a birdhouse or birdbath or a cute planter garden.

Think year round: Try to create a space that can be utilized in more than just the spring. Is it in a location that gets great light? Can you add small changes in the autumn so you can still enjoy it? Try adding some hearty shrubs that look beautiful even if they aren’t in bloom. Add some outside lighting to accommodate those earlier evenings in the cooler months and consider a retractable canopy for your pergola. Once you have the space why not enjoy it as much as possible!?

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