Pinspiration: Valentine’s Day

Pinspiration: Valentine’s Day Flowers

A great bouquet of flowers can mean the world on Valentine’s Day. Before you head out to pick up a classic dozen red roses take a look at some different options for inspiration! From roses to lilies, Valentine’s Day flowers are eclectic and beautiful when set in the perfect combination. Beyond blooms, the container you choose can also have a big impact with vases filled with candy and mason jars as popular choices this year. Take a little time to see which flower best suits the one you love and pick the perfect bouquet! Here is a little inspiration…

Lilies and daisies are a ┬ávery different choice for Valentine’s Day, but a great one! The flowers are light and reminiscent of a spring day perfect for telling the one you love that they are delicate and beautiful. The lighter color arrangement has a fresh look that can be enjoyed before spring.

Add a little brightness with a truly different color combination! Sunflowers are bright and bold, perfect for making a statement. The large flowers with long stems are a great gift and amazingly different rose alternative. Your Valentine will appreciate your unique choice!

Tulips are a popular choice on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. Each bloom contains rich color with long green stems. Create a multi-colored arrangement with pink, red, and white or go with a monochromatic bouquet. Utilize creative containers with your arrangement to play off the tulips simple shape. A great idea is filling a glass vase with colorful candies!

An amazingly unique choice is a pink orchid. This orchid makes a beautiful gift but also consider some of the flowers in groups and different colors. Orchids come in every color you can think of so be creative!

A fun mix of traditional and fresh is a bouquet of roses and lilies like the one shown above. The wide tropical nature of the lilies perfectly offsets the intricate delicacy of the roses. Pair red with pink, or red with white and create the perfect arrangement.

If you want a rich bouquet of color go for a bunch of peonies. Peonies have large flowers with bright color and less green. Go for an allover bright pink of a combination of different shades of pink.

For more inspiration visit our Pinterest “Valentine’s Flowers” board!



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