Pinspiration: Creative Christmas Trees

Like millions of other users we get a ton of our holiday ideas, and spirit, from great craft and decor ideas on Pinterest! This season we have been looking at (and collecting) images of beautiful light displays, crafty and creative wreaths, and fun decor ideas anyone can do themselves. Most recently we have been in awe of the season’s biggest symbol — the Christmas tree.

Gone are the days of a freshly cut tree with homemade ornaments. People now transform their trees into beautiful displays with lights, ornaments, garland of all kinds, picture frames, words, flowers, and so much more! From minimal black and white to awesome creations that look like they were taken directly from Whoville we are loving every one.

Here are a few of our favorite creative Christmas tree projects taken directly from Pinterest (images link back to their original post). Check out even more inspiring Christmas trees on our ‘Oh, Christmas Tree‘ board on Pinterest!

A Nautical Christmas

A Kid Fun Christmas

The Message Tree

The Golden Tree

The “Traditional” Tree



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