Photo Gallery: Trellis Systems


The charm of the home’s entrance is enhanced by the addition of a trellis and supporting brackets. The arch over the door imaginatively mimics the style on the windows, providing a unified symmetrical look.


Sheldon Trellis Bracket over a garage.


The popular Marston Garage Trellis System.

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The beautiful combination of the Garage Trellis and Jamestown Railing.


This 1 3/4″ sq. lathing is ordered in lengths from 4′ to 12′ and can be used with any of our solid cellular vinyl brackets to complete a trellis system.


Ideal for a wide, expansive presentation or over garage doors, the Sheldon trellis is handcrafted in low maintenance cellular PVC.


Here, the trellis is complemented by a delightful Nantucket picket fence that defines an inviting outdoor room.

A trellis system adds to the architectural integrity of a home as is seen here in this Boston South Shore residence.


Here, the homeowners complemented the imaginative style displayed on the garage doors with an architectural trellis section overhead – making coming home all the more welcoming.


For an area of your home that you feel would benefit from a sophisticated architectural touch – over windows as seen here, or over a garage – the Sheldon trellis bracket is well worth considering.


Combine Sheldon trellis brackets crafted in low maintenance AZEK with AZEK lathing and you can create a structure that enhances the presentation of any outside wall.



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