Photo Gallery: Shopping Centers

Middlebury Consignment and Home Design Middlebury, CT

377576 - Middlebury CT -

Radius Pergola at Middlebury Consignment and Home Design.

IMG_8737 -1

Radius Pergola crafted on a stone wall with decorative statues and ornamental iron fencing.


Gloucester Premium Outlets Blackwood, NJ

Glouster Outlets

AZEK Pergola in a warm beige finish adds shade to an outdoor seating area.

873 - NJ - Commercial Pergola 2

Second Radius Pergola adds a little style, and shade to a few benches that overlook a children’s play area.


Merrimack Premium Outlet Merrimack, NH

2012-09-12 22.34.48

Wood alternative, low maintenance Adirondack chairs provide seating space under the gazebo.

2012-09-12 22.33.32

The Formal Gazebo adds a stylish and practical touch to this outdoor space.

2012-09-12 23.01.44

View over the Morgan Fence at the gazebo from the street.

2012-09-12 22.37.55

This duo of curved Pergolas defines an outdoor area with striking architectural lines.

The Morgan perimeter fence directs pedestrians to walkways and helps maintain landscaping.

The Morgan perimeter fence directs pedestrians to walkways and helps maintain landscaping.

2012-09-12 22.48.37

Twin pergolas defining a place to relax offering shading for Adirondack chairs.

Trombetta’s Farm, Northborough, MA

2013-06-25 23.58.19.REV

The Hollow vinyl pergola and Manchester fence adds interest to the building’s entrance.

2013-06-25 23.57.13.REV

This dramatic custom pergola combination covers a substantial outdoor area for a commercial nursery that also includes a gift and ice cream shop.

2013-06-25 23.48.02.REV

Handcrafted by Walpole in extruded vinyl, this tough, durable material will hold its great looks for years with no required upkeep.


Tanger Outlet Centers, South Haven, Mississippi


The all AZEK tower caps are factory pre-painted with Sherwin-Williams vinyl safe paints, guaranteed for 25 years in two colors. The rafters are a wood tone color with a white base.


AZEK towers are kitted and shipped allowing for easy installation on-site.


Walpole collaborated with architects to create AZEK tower caps at this outlet center.


AZEK tower caps will require virtually no maintenance and will last for years and years to come.



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