Pergola Placement

Where To Put My Pergola?

A pergola is a great shelter for an outdoor kitchen!

Since we are already on the topic with our last article about free standing pergolas, we will keep discussing them! Now that you know what they are and what we offer you have to make the big decision – where should I put it?

In addition to design placement is something unique to each and every client. Finding a structure that is the right size for your space is essential in creating a space that can fit all the furniture you want under it without taking up half of your yard (if that’s what you want). So where are some of the most popular places to place a pergola?

Patio: Many homes with pergolas design a space just for them with stone or slate laid on the ground to create a patio area. You can put one of these wherever you like because you are starting from scratch. Put it in your backyard where you get a great view of your garden or another natural wonder. Keep it close to the house so you can have a good view of it from a window. There is no right answer.

Pool: Poolside pergolas are very popular, and truly beautiful! The crisp blue water with the bright white pergola makes it look almost Grecian! Poolside pergolas are great because they provide a permanent area to find shade. Forget about chasing down that umbrella on a windy day! Just put your pool chairs or patio under your pergola and watch friends and family enjoy the water.

Attached: Many clients choose to add a pergola to the exterior of their home, often to enhance an attached patio area. This is another great idea that literally expands your home. Just simply step out your door and you are in a beautifully shaded area where you can enjoy the weather. Add a shaded canopy and you can enjoy it even more!

Garden: If you want to spend more time in your garden add a pergola! Add a pergola, however small, to the center of your garden to create a space for you to sit and take in the beauty. Create a space where you can escape to read a book or enjoy a bit of bird watching.



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