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Summer is the time for getaways! But why not create that interesting and relaxing environment at home and enjoy it all the time? Creating a relaxing oasis with a pergola is easy and the perfect place to retreat to get away from it all this summer.

The first step is to select the right pergola for your home and needs. Pergolas come in varying shapes, sizes, and styles so there is always something great available! Try one of our easy and classic pergola kits if you want to add it to your backyard space fast.

Plants: A simple pergola is nice, but why not create a lush garden oasis with a plethora of plants and flowers? To create this look plant climbing vines at each support of your pergola and coax them to the roof panels. Once the plants have grown enough they will add some shade to your pergola area and create a peaceful place among nature. Add more plants at the base in large pots and containers to keep the feel going. Install your pergola in an area of your yard with vegetation, not just in an open space, to also achieve this.

Patio: A pergola can create a serene place to sit but it can also serve as a great patio covering. After installing create a great patio area just under your new pergola with some furniture, flooring, and decor. You can invest and get a hard-top pergola that will protect you from the elements or get a great retractable canopy that you can open and close with the weather. Make it truly feel like a room with some hanging lights or beautiful fabric curtains you can pull aside and tie when the weather is great!

Relaxation: Another great way to create an oasis with a pergola is to install relaxing furniture inside. Add one of our comfortable and beautiful hammocks or incorporate some kind of outdoor swing! A few chaise lounges would also do the trick.



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