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Keep Covered: Pergola Canopies

Pergola Canopies

Summer is made for enjoying the outdoors. Many homeowners love to recline and enjoy the warmth under their Walpole pergola, a structure that adds immense life, beauty, and usability to your yard. Pergolas are perfect for a few chairs, a couch, or an entire outdoor dining set. But what if you could enjoy that structure even more?

This year take that love for the outdoors one step further and install a great motorized shade canopy to your pergola and enjoy the outdoors everyday — even in the heaviest of rain storms!

Cover your deck or patio with a retractable pergola canopies that attaches to your new or existing pergola. How are Walpole shade canopies different from roll up awnings? Roll up awnings rely on fabric tension for support between their front and back. They are not supported in between and for this reason, they are not recommended to be left extended in the wind or the rain. Walpole’s shades have canopy ‘wings’ that spread out from the drive beam support points. Therefore our shade is a fully framed canopy system when extended, with the strength to withstand most winds and even heavy rain.

The luxury of covering areas up to 600 sq-ft under one retractable canopy happens at the push of a button. Only the Walpole canopy is designed to protect large areas from both sun and rain, while allowing the option of open sky for enjoying the perfect days to the fullest.

You can take your love for outdoor living to any location. Only Walpole canopies have the design strength to withstand the rigors of terrace locations in the sky, and the wind forces common among tall downtown buildings and seaside locales.

We can help you make the right decision for your unique location and home. Look through our selection of canopies and accessories online and consult with a knowledgable Walpole Outdoors team member either in one of our nation-wide locations or by calling 800-343-6948.



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