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Create Your Perfect Patio

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Summer days are best spent outdoors. For most of us we choose to spend these days at our homes, enjoying our patios and decks and everything they have to offer. But creating the perfect patio for your home doesn’t end with selecting the right patio furniture. There are many small touches that can make the space come alive and become even more relaxing and comfortable than before.

Install a Fan: It seems simple up installing a fan in your hard-top patio or pavilion area can make all the difference during those hot, muggy days. A simple ceiling fan, like the ones in your home, are perfect for this. Hard-top spaces, like pavilions, are great at shielding the sun, but can often shield the much needed summer breeze.

Lighting: Lighting is crucial in creating an inviting space that you can enjoy in the night. Over the table considers a hanging light so that the table is lit and you can enjoy dinners in the dark. Also add some ambiance with strings of lights around the area including through the top of your pergola. Little twinkling lights provide the perfect amount of visibility while allowing you to enjoy the night.

Add Plants: While your patio area might overlook your garden or other landscaping adding a few plants and container gardens only make the space more inviting. Surround the patio space with lush greens and fragrant flowers. Find some oversized pots and get planting! You can really go wild with the space. Climbing plants are also a great idea if you have a pergola or install a lattice on an adjacent wall.

Add Color: You don’t have to stick with neutral furniture…dress it up! Find some cushions, accent rugs, and pillows in bold solid colors to really bring your space to life. Add a few patterned pillows in there, in complimenting colors, to create a more stylish look. Accent with accessories, art, and lamps that play off of the color scheme you have created.



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