Commercial Lattice Uses

When designing an outdoor area or building facade for a client or a project a lot of thought goes into the functionality of each structure. Will it last? Is it strong? While keeping that in mind think more about the details of the project – Is this striking? Will this create a positive association in people’s memories?

A great way to accomplish both is by utilizing lattice panels as both decorative and functional structures.

Privacy Screening

Custom lattice panels, paired with planters, create privacy on this rooftop lounge area.

Custom lattice panels, paired with planters, create privacy on this rooftop lounge area.

Lattice has a unique way of creating a more private space while also not making a space feel suffocating. Clients have used lattice panel fencing, custom large-scale lattice pieces and even lattice fence toppers to create breathable areas of privacy. Rooftop gardens, pool areas, storage enclosures and courtyards have all been improved with beautiful and low-maintenance AZEK lattice panels and fencing.

Large scale projects are also a great way to introduce some natural elements into the design of a building or outdoor area. Just coax some ivy or another climbing plant and any outdoor area is bright to life.


Areas of Visual Interest

Custom lattice arch front view.

Custom lattice arch front view.

Creating a beautiful lasting memory is the goal of any designer or developer. A classic way to do this with an outdoor space is to utilize standard or decorative lattice panels. Panels can be custom made in any size and can be attached to bare walls or freestanding.

Lattice panels provide an almost limitless number of opportunities to be creative in a specific area of the garden – with spectacular results. The custom Lattice Arch shown here was handcrafted for a function facility and serves as an appropriately charming backdrop for treasured photographs.


Enhancing Architecture

Standard Walpole lattice sections are mounted on either side of sliding glass doors.

Standard Walpole lattice sections are mounted on either side of sliding glass doors.

While beautiful in a garden, lattice panels don’t always have to be where the nature is.

Adding symmetrical panels to either side of an entryway is a great way to create some visual interest at the first point a visitor is in contact with your space.

Made with long lasting, maintenance-free AZEK wood alternative, Walpole lattices are fully customizable to truly fit the aesthetic of your building.

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Photos: Adding Architectural Interest At Home

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Project Spotlight: Apollo Motorized Rooftop Shade Pergola

What better way to make more space at your office building than by using the outdoors! In Waltham, Mass Walpole Outdoors worked with the building designers at the headquarters of C & J Clark America (Clark’s Shoes) to create a beautiful shade pergola space on the rooftop that can be utilized for relaxation but also meetings, conference calls and more.

A beautiful self anchored pergola that revitalizes a rooftop space.

A beautiful self anchored pergola that revitalizes a rooftop space.

This stunning roof deck employee gathering area is 12’ 6” wide by 20’ long.

The Apollo opening roof’s unique system has remote control easy opening and closing operation, providing variable shading and light, and protection from inclement weather. Shade louvers feature a clear coat finish, while the posts, frame, and gutters have an anodized bronze finish. The securing planter box anchors, crafted in AZEK cellular PVC with stainless steel liners, are 24” square by 30” H.

Walpole’s custom color matches the anodized bronze frame. Ideal for commercial and residential outdoor living and dining areas – from hospitality, resorts, and restaurants, to homeowners’ patios and porches – the Apollo pergola is made in the USA.


The Apollo Pergola adds the perfect space for employees to lunch and catch up.


A rooftop pergola is a great way to transform an under utilized part of an office building.


The space can be transformed from a relaxation area to a space to meet and even teleconference.


The pergola is self-anchored with matching planter boxes allowing it to stand freely without being attached to the building.

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Getting The Perfect Gift For Mom

What says “thank you mom” like a gift for the home or garden?! This Mother’s Day surprise mom with a gift for the home or garden – one that she will see and use everyday. From birdhouses to garden helpers, you can’t go wrong with a gift from Walpole Outdoors.


A few of the charming houses and feeders in the Lazy Hill collection.

A few of the charming houses and feeders in the Lazy Hill collection.

A great gift that will get plenty of use all spring and summer is a classic birdhouse. Whether she likes to birdwatch or just likes adding whimsical touches to her outdoor spaces you are sure to find a piece she will love. One of our classic houses is the adorable Lazy Hill Large Shingled House. Our selection of Lazy Hill birdhouses are made in the USA from vinyl and wood.

If you are looking for something with some modern touches try the Lazy Hill Ultimate Martin House. Fabricated in solid cellular vinyl the homes have a roomy interior and handmade copper roof.

Shop our range of birdhouses online or at any Walpole Outdoors showroom.

Kitchen Garden Tools

Garden Hod Basket

If mom is an avid gardener (or even a novice) she would really appreciate a piece from our collection of cedar garden tools and helpers. A great simple gift would be our Garden Hod Basket to use carrying tools while she works or as a basket when picking flowers or foods to bring in the house. Versatile and adorable, this garden helper truly lends a hand.

Another great gift is the Suburban Gardener’s Bench. This attractive wood bench setup is the perfect place to store tools and function as a workstation for repotting and transplanting. This setup would work perfectly outside near the garden or inside a potting or storage shed.

Shop kitchen garden tools and helpers online or at any Walpole Outdoors showroom.


Wind Chimes

Make the wind sing with a beautiful wind chime. This is a great gift for Mother’s Day if mom spends a lot of time on the patio, in the garden or just has the window open in the spring and summertime. Each wind chime is finely crafted with a personality all its own. A great example is the Pinecone Wind Chime; an iron chime that embraces the sights and sounds of nature. The pinecone blends in with nature producing an enjoyable sound.

If you are looking for somethings little more classic looking then the Harbor Bells Wind Chime would be an excellent choice. Designed and produced here in the USA.

Shop wind chimes online or at any Walpole Outdoors showroom.

For more information on any of our products or to find a location near you visit our website or give us a call at 800-343-6948.

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Adding Interest To Your Home – Photos

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It’s Time To Get Growing

Though it may not feel like it, we are well into spring. You may not think it’s warm enough to get your garden in shape but there are many ways to get your early spring garden in order.

Get Weeding

Before you can get growing you have to tend to the soil.

Before you can get growing you have to tend to the soil.

The first and most important thing you can do is weed your garden and yard. After months of snow and intense storms if you live in the Northeast your garden is going to be a mess.

Grab your tools and gloves and spend some time doing a thorough weeding of the area you will be using to plant this year. This may be a good amount of work so break it up and work on small areas at a time so you don’t hurt your back.

Prepare Your Soil

It's time to get a little messy.

It’s time to get a little messy.

The cold wet winter can really suck the nutrients out of your soil. Early spring is a great time to start tending to the soil since it is unlikely to freeze again. First start by tilling the soil about 8 inches deep where you are planning to plant. Remove all rocks and debris that may have found its way over during the winter.

After cleaning you will want to add some nutrients in the form of some kind of fertilizer. If you have a compost now is the ideal time to put it to use but you can also use store bought soil or add some coffee grounds to the dirt to add some needed nitrogen.

Get Seeds Started

Start your seeds indoors if the cold is still persistent.

Start your seeds indoors if the cold is still persistent.

If you can’t wait to get planting and it is on the cold side then start your seeds indoors! Get a few seed trays or small containers and plant seeds now.

Keep them by the sun and water them well and once the weather improves or you finally have the opportunity to spend some time in the garden transplant them.

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Adding Interest To Your Business

For a business owner, architect or developer creating a lasting impression is important when imagining the exterior of a business. The shape and size of a building and its paint color are important but even if you are working with an old building or cannot renovate you can still do a lot with exterior structures and architectural touches.

Small Touches Have A Big Impact

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff?” Well in this case, ignore it. Small exterior details can be crucial at establishing your business because that’s the first impression any prospective customer or client will ever have.

Small items like lanterns, posts, mailboxes, window boxes and planters can help create an inviting and classic look without a ton of effort. Planters with flowers or greens flanking an entryway or a beautiful lantern post right out front can give a great boost to your business’ curb appeal.

Structural Elements

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

To make a bigger impact add a larger structure to the exterior of your business. A great investment is an attached or freestanding pergola. This kind of structure creates an exterior space to relax under or a covering to a walk or entryway that is sturdy, refined and long-lasting.

Walpole pergolas are crafted in the finest cedar or wood alternative material AZEK™, a material that looks and feels like wood but will not rot, split or chip and requires no-maintenance.

Another option is to add something smaller but impactful like a beautiful arbor to add interest to an entryway or a a trellis above doorways and windows.

Create A Border

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Fencing has more power than establishing privacy – it can also be a big factor in increasing curb appeal. A smart, clean, classic fence establishes structure to the exterior of a building and defines the space. The clean lines with posts and pickets add to the positive perception you are trying to create for your prospective clients.

Add a unique or eye catching gate or pillars and you can have an enviable entry.

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Planters In Commercial Spaces

Crafting an outdoor space is as much style as it is function. Stylish planters can serve as beautiful accents to other structures or become structures of their own – becoming barriers when placed together on a perimeter or as support when used to construct a self-anchoring pergola.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Fencing and railings are beautiful ways to create a perimeter but sometimes a space just calls for a little more. Here you can see our stylish Rectangular Rockport Planters used as an outer border to a series of tennis courts.

This space already has fencing where height is needed but the area alongside the court needed a little something different. The planters are durable and useful in every season as well as a great way to add some life and color to an otherwise open space.


Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Larger planter styles can also function

wonderfully as living privacy screens or as bases for anchored-pergolas on rooftops. These planters serve as the base for the lattice beam that supports this roof-top pergola – a clever and safe way to construct a structure in an un-traditional location.

Need something that will fit in to existing decor style? Walpole will handcraft custom planters in any style and to the dimensions that meet your specific needs.

These are crafted in AZEK™, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood, yet won’t rot, crack, or split, and will hold its pristine appearance for years. AZEK planters do not require liners.

We will also pre-paint your planters in your choice of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors, which come with a 25-year warranty.

Planters are also great for their traditional use – beautiful accents to outdoor and indoor areas. Planter gardens add a little splash of life to wherever they are placed and can be moved and changed depending on the season. All planter boxes have pre-drilled drainage holes. For interior use or easy seasonal changes we offer copper and plastic liners for our Small Square Planter, Small Rectangular Planter, and Large Rectangular Planter.


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4 Ways To Use A Planter At Home

A pop of life is always a good idea in a residential space. That’s why a quality planter box is the perfect accessory for your home in every season.

At The Entryway

Standard planter boxes frame the doorway.

Standard planter boxes frame the doorway.

Put your planter in a place where it will get seen the

most! An entryway planter is a great way to bring some life to your front door season to season. In the spring and summer add lively blooms in vibrant colors and transition to deeper hues and evergreens in the autumn and winter.

Depending on what kind of space you have you can opt for one square planter box or a duo to frame the doorway! But those aren’t your only choices – we have planters in just about every shape and size ready to be customized to your home.

At Windows

Window boxes covered in beautiful blooms!

Another way to brighten up the exterior

of your home is too add some color to the space outside your windows. Whether just a few or several, adding a window flower box adds a burst of plant life without taking up any ground space.

Window boxes are crafted with low-maintenance AZEK ™ materials so they will hold up for years and years without rotting and can be painted to perfectly suit the exterior of your home.

As A Boundary

Rectangular planters line a lattice panel in this outdoor entertaining area.

Rectangular planters line a lattice panel in this outdoor entertaining area.

If you don’t want to add a planter to

the entryway of your home there are still many places to choose one, like alongside a fence or lattice or as a barrier all its own.

Larger, rectangular planters are best suited and can make a handsome border for a front yard, garden space, outdoor entertaining area or to establish a property boundary. Add a few or add a bunch and create a space that is both structured and natural.

To Anchor Large Structures

Planters anchor this city pergola.

Planters anchor this city pergola.

A more unconventional use for planters

is to use them as anchors for structures like pergolas. On this rooftop in Boston we used planters to anchor this freestanding pergola so that it fit securely in the space without needing to damage the building or rooftop.

But if you don’t need to anchor anything planters are still great for placing at the base of pergola or pavilion pillars too add a little something extra to that entertaining space.

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Outdoor Planning: Spring Ideas

It may feel like winter will never end but spring is closer than you think! And what better way to welcome spring than by adding a nice new touch to the exterior of your home or garden. You can go all out with a brand new structure or add small touches that can boost curb appeal and add endless charm…


A Walpole garden enclosure is durable, attractive, and keeps foraging animals from destroying your well-tended plantings.


Walpole’s Shadowbox fence presents a pleasing profile. As shown here, the clever spacing and overlapping of the vertical slats creates an airy yet private look that smartly disguises unsightly air conditioning units.


Here’s a refreshing idea for summer. Have fun creating a shower enclosure customized to match your home or pool house architecture.


An attached pergola is the perfect covering to your hot tub.


A refreshing alternative, this well designed and constructed outdoor shower enclosures is a handcrafted model offered by Walpole.


A boot of curb appeal is a refreshing spring makeover.


A stylish mailbox and post can add tons of charm to your outdoors.


Add a sign to your lantern post for a unique touch.


Natural wood fencing adds a natural touch.


Add a lattice panel (or two) for a big pop of spring color.


Adding sophistication and charm to this Walpole Sag Harbor garden enclosure is the homeowners’ choice of three Walpole Chippendale style side panels and a complementing Chippendale pathway gate.


Standing 6’ high with embedded sturdy wire mesh, Walpole’s Sag Harbor garden enclosure is designed and constructed to discourage even the most determined foraging animal. This enclosure – which is crafted in low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC, which won’t rot, warp, or peel – features an impressive and a stylish 5’ wide double gate with an Annisquam scalloped top.

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