Elements Of Curb Appeal

We all have that home or business we drive by and silently envy. Whether its the building or the landscaping curb appeal makes a big impact on our unconscious judgment of homes and businesses.

Do you want to make your home one that people remember, are inspired by or just silently envy? Do you want to make passerby notice and remember your business before ever coming inside? Boosting curb appeal doesn’t have to be a huge expensive undertaking it just requires smart use of what your property already has going for it.

Create an Area of Interest

An arbor is a beautiful structure to add interest to any front ward.

An arbor is simple structure that can add interest to any front yard.

A surefire way to boost your homes’ appeal is by adding an external structure that will serve as a point of visual interest. A great example of this are homes that feature pergolas near the front of their yard or attached to the home. Pergolas are stately and never go unnoticed. A sleek white structure that extends or adds on to the home will draw interest and boost your home’s value.

If a pergola is too much of a change to your home’s structure consider a much simpler arbor. Arbors come in a variety of styles and can be customized fully insuring you have a structure as unique as your home. This structure adds a whimsical element to an entryway instantly pulling the space together.

Create a Memorable Entry

Even a tiny space can be transformed into a positive and memorable entryway.

Even a tiny space can be transformed into a positive and memorable entryway.

The entry to any building sets a tone – if patrons see old, un-maintained fencing or a creaky gate you are putting them in a negative headspace before their encounter with your business even begins. If overhauling the facade and landscaping is too pricy or unrealistic a good place to focus your attention (or begin a larger project) is the entrance.

Simple improvements like replacing old fencing and adding a new gate can go a long way. Smaller touches also don’t go unnoticed – think planters and window boxes with season flowers and a lantern on a sturdy lantern post lighting up the walkway. In conjunction with simple garden maintenance you can make any home or business look welcoming.

Larger structures like pergolas make great entryway additions as well and can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind impact.

Maintain Your Investment

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

You could spend thousands overhauling the exterior of your home or business but if you don’t maintain your new hardscape or landscaping it will go back to looking dull pretty quickly.

Luckily Walpole structures made with the state-of-the-art AZEK cellular vinyl material are virtually maintenance free! This material has the look and feel of real wood without the decay, splintering, chipping and weather related damage. AZEK structures are installed and will never need to be repainted or repaired (under normal conditions). The occasional cleaning will help with seasonal accumulation (pollen, leaves) but your structure will look the same as the day it was installed years later.


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Garden Enclosures – Photos

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Photo Gallery: Enclosures

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Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer


Why go out when you can stay in? You shouldn’t have to get away to enjoy the outdoors.  Travelling to your own backyard is an overlooked and essential part of enjoying the summer sun. What can you do to make your backyard the perfect summer retreat?

Create A Space

The first thing you need to do is create a backyard living space. This space isn’t a room but should have an obvious border without being closed off. A great way to do this is with outdoor furniture arranged around some kind of central piece like a table or large planter. If you have a pergola this is the perfect use for it! You want to create an outdoor space that mirrors your most relaxing seating area in your home. Think about how you will use it alone and how you will use it with company and arrange accordingly – it should work for both.

Embrace The Details

When creating a space you are going to spend a lot of time in you should pay attention to the details! Fabrics, colors and decor are all important when creating a relaxing environment. Do plush fabrics make you feel at ease? Do you like rustic wicker furniture? Whatever your personal style, embrace it! Pay attention to pillows and cushions and select pieces that have vibrancy, a nice texture and durability. After the dressings be mindful of lighting. Not every summer day is full of sunshine and clear skies. Add lighting touches that can transform your space from day to night in an instant.

Keep It Shady

While the sun is nice, it’s always wise to have a shaded area where you can retreat. Adding some kind of shaded element will allow you to enjoy your space in the rain or with a sunburn. If you are creating a space under a pergola consider getting a retractable canopy, if you are not under a structure you can invest in a canopy or just a large umbrella.

Add Amenities

One of the best parts of vacationing are the amenities. Why not add some to your summer space?

Want an outdoor kitchen? Add one! A bar? Add one! You don’t have to go all out but adding a few luxurious touches will make you feel like you are at a resort. Consider adding a small refrigerator and decorating it to blend into the scenery. Guests will love coming over!

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Custom Enclosures For Unique Spaces

Sometimes a standard structure just isn’t what you are looking for. Your home, business or development is a unique space and deserves an enclosure that will both stand out and blend in as well as suit your specific needs.

Custom Color Chatham Shower Enclosure Kit in East Falmouth, MA

Custom Color Chatham Shower Enclosure Kit in East Falmouth, MA

Enclosures can be utilized for a myriad of reasons – to conceal garbage cans or outdoor equipment, conceal outdoor storage, create a safer space for gardening or composting or as a barrier for a beautiful new outdoor shower. Whatever the need, we can build it.

One of the most popular enclosures for residential spaces is outdoor shower enclosures. An outdoor shower is ideal for a home by the beach or with a pool or hot tub that sees a lot of activity – but they are great for any home if you want to shower under the stars! Outdoor showers keep the chlorine, sand and dirt outdoors throughout the summer so you don’t have to worry about damaging the interior of your home after using the pool or swimming in the ocean.

Outdoor shower enclosures can be purchased in standard kit form or custom built by Walpole design experts. Both options are designed with beauty and function in mind and will last season after season.

Consider what you might stow away securely under your deck and you will see how beneficial lattice screening would be.

Consider what you might stow away securely under your deck and you will see how beneficial lattice screening would be.

Many of our other popular enclosures involve concealment. Walpole offers many types of concealing enclosures from the duly-concealing board fence to lattice enclosures seen here. Each enclosure does what you need it to while still allowing easy access to the area inside. Enclosures can be built to match existing fencing and can be custom pained to blend in seamlessly with your home or business.

Take a garbage enclosure for example. These enclosures are built to house two (or more) garage bins. Not only do they conceal the bins but also protect them from pests (including raccoons) and keep them secure in the event of a storm or high winds. Not having to clean up your yard after a raccoon has gone through a bin or the wind has taken it for a spin is worth the investment itself!

Browse through more of our custom and kit enclosures on our website to get some inspiration then setup a free design consultation to see what we can create at your home or business!

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Arbor

Creating a memorable entryway is a priority when designing the exterior of a home or business. While the structures alone are a beautiful sight some home and business owners want to add a unique touch to make it truly their own.

An arbor is the perfect structure to add some structure to a pathway, entrance or garden area. Using a little creativity you can take that beautiful structure and add a little extra interest or whimsy.

1. Climbing Greens

Ivy climbs a unique blue entry arbor.

Ivy climbs a unique blue entry arbor.

An arbor covered in green creates a natural look that perfectly enhances any garden entry. Choosing the perfect climbing green plant depends on your climate more than anything followed by how much maintenance you are willing commit to. Ivy is always a great, low-maintenance option that grows fast and maintains a lush green color throughout most of the year. If you live in a colder climate and want a lot of coverage Golden Hops is a great choice. This climber grows quickly and is hearty even in winter. The only downside is that it can get unruly if not regularly maintained.

2.  Climbing Flowers

Beautiful red flowers add a pop of color to this arbor.

Beautiful red flowers add a pop of color to this arbor.

Looking for some color in the spring and summer but a hearty green in fall and winter? Adding a climbing flowering plant is a great idea for an arbor. You can go with classic climbing roses that create a romantic look if you are willing to spend a little time cultivating the flowers. Climbing roses comes in just about every color imaginable so you have an unlimited number of options to go with.

Other popular climbers include the beautifully purple clematis, delicate blue morning glory and cute pink sweet pea. Each plant has its own specific needs but they all climb beautifully and and grow vivid color blooms with hearty greens. If you want something with a little more drama wisteria is an option to consider.

3. Light It Up

A front entry gated arbor utilizes a lantern just behind the fence to keep the path lit in the evenings.

A front entry gated arbor utilizes a lantern just behind the fence to keep the path lit in the evenings.

Adding seasonal touches to your outdoor structures is fun and festive but you don’t have to keep those Christmas lights stored away all season long. A great way to create some interest in the evening is to add some light features to your arbor.

Some small twinkle lights nestled in the ivy is season-less and magical. If you don’t have the ivy then stringing the lights on the arch is just as lovely and the small bulbs won’t be a distraction in the daylight. You can also add a lantern and post just beside the arbor so you can light it up in the evenings to show off your arbor and guide people through the entry.

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Beautiful Arbors – Photos

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Photo Gallery: Trellis Systems

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Adding Architectural Interest To Your Home

What exactly is architectural interest and why should I care?

Simply put architectural interest or architectural detail is simple additions to the structure of your home to make its construction more dynamic and interesting. Adding more architectural detail can take a simple space into one with enormous charm and curb appeal. Small touches can make a space look more unique and pleasing to the eye.

Generally to add this interest you work with the structures and angles that already exist on the interior and exterior of your home. Adding some architectural interest to the exterior of your home can really change the look of your space and provide a boost to curb appeal.


Trellis Systems

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

A great way to add architectural interest to your homes’ exterior is with a trellis system. A trellis is an architectural system that uses clean lines to frame entryways, windows and provide space for climbing plants to flourish on your home.

Many homeowners add trellis systems over doorways or windows to heighten the otherwise generic looking space. Trellis systems can add a ton of charm to the exterior of any building with simplicity.


Architectural Elements

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

There are many other elements you can utilize when adding architectural interest to your home. You can opt to add stylish raised window panels to enhance the look of your windows. Dentils are also a great way to add some interest to your home. The custom vinyl moldings add a touch of unique detail to cornices.

Other architectural upgrades include cellular vinyl fascia boards, rafter tails, corbels, and custom pillar posts. Some large additions can include lovely attached pergolas or entryway structures.


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Adding Interest To Your Business

For a business owner, architect or developer creating a lasting impression is important when imagining the exterior of a business. The shape and size of a building and its paint color are important but even if you are working with an old building or cannot renovate you can still do a lot with exterior structures and architectural touches.

Small Touches Have A Big Impact

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff?” Well in this case, ignore it. Small exterior details can be crucial at establishing your business because that’s the first impression any prospective customer or client will ever have.

Small items like lanterns, posts, mailboxes, window boxes and planters can help create an inviting and classic look without a ton of effort. Planters with flowers or greens flanking an entryway or a beautiful lantern post right out front can give a great boost to your business’ curb appeal.

Structural Elements

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

To make a bigger impact add a larger structure to the exterior of your business. A great investment is an attached or freestanding pergola. This kind of structure creates an exterior space to relax under or a covering to a walk or entryway that is sturdy, refined and long-lasting.

Walpole pergolas are crafted in the finest cedar or wood alternative material AZEK™, a material that looks and feels like wood but will not rot, split or chip and requires no-maintenance.

Another option is to add something smaller but impactful like a beautiful arbor to add interest to an entryway or a a trellis above doorways and windows.

Create A Border

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Fencing has more power than establishing privacy – it can also be a big factor in increasing curb appeal. A smart, clean, classic fence establishes structure to the exterior of a building and defines the space. The clean lines with posts and pickets add to the positive perception you are trying to create for your prospective clients.

Add a unique or eye catching gate or pillars and you can have an enviable entry.

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