A Matter of Style: Lanterns

A Hammond Post and Montgomery Lanterns light up this home.

A Hammond Post and Montgomery Lanterns light up this home.

Decorating the exterior of your home is not just about style – it’s about functionality and durability. When attaching something to your home or securing a post to your yard you want to make sure it is both aesthetically pleasing and something that will last through winds of summer and snow of winter.

When it comes to outdoor lighting style and quality are key elements in making a decision. Luckily all of Walpole Outdoors’ products are made to the highest quality so all you have to do is select the perfect style for your home.

As the days get shorter outdoor lighting is going to be something that is more and more necessary. There is no better time than now to find and install a brand new outdoor lighting unit.

Walpole Outdoors boasts a great selection of copper, bronze, and brass lanterns that appeal to traditional, historic, and contemporary styles. Styles and materials come in a variety of post mount, side mount, and hanging options in a selection of heights and widths.

Here are a few of our favorites…


The Monroe Post Mount Lantern.

The Hammond Lantern Post and Lexington Lantern.

The Hammond Lantern Post and Adams Lantern.


The Jefferson Post Mount Lantern.


The Taft Post Mount Lantern.


The Lincoln Post Mount Lantern.

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Project Spotlight: Country Club Pergola, Bay Shore NY


Crafted by Walpole in low maintenance AZEK, this spectacular custom six-column pergola at the 140-acre Southward Ho Country Club smartly defines a poolside seating area.

Measuring 50’ 9” long by 19’ 4” wide overall, the pergola has 6 substantial Darien square posts 9 feet high by 8” square with a 4” galvanized steel core assembly.  The carrying beams are 4 1/2″ by 12” thick, the laths are 1” by 3 ½”, and the joists are 1 ½” by 7 ¼”. The beams and joists have end cut details and the joists are notched onto the beams. Prior to installation, the Pergola was factory finished at Walpole with two coats of a Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint that comes with a 25-year warranty.

This pergola installation adds immense versatility to the space providing patrons with a shady area to enjoy the outdoors in the spring, summer and into the fall. It also adds architectural interest to a largely flat and open space.


This expansive custom pergola defines the seating area next to the pool.


Patrons can enjoy the outdoors with shade and style.


This flat space is transformed with a smart and classic pergola.

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Let There Be Light!

Lexington Side Mount Lantern

Add some stylish light to your home! At Walpole Outdoors we have a large catalogue of lanterns in every style imaginable. Add one to a post at the end of your driveway or at your front door for safety or simply add them for their timeless beauty! With choices that include every kind of mounting, you are sure to find the perfect lantern for your home.

Here are a few of our favorite lantern varieties to make your search a little bit easier!

Whitney Post Mount: Created in New Hampshire with durability and function. These lights compliment any style base from the roughness of granite to the smooth finish of a formal pillar post.

Augusta Side Mount: Copper Bronze Finish with beveled glass. Available in two sizes. On large size top arm bracket can be removed and over all height would be 23″.

Classic Side Mount Lantern: A traditional lantern style in two finishes and clear, curved, beveled glass. This side mount lantern offered in one size: 10″W, 20″.

San Clemente Side Mount: Contemporary lantern offered in a Copper Bronze finishes and two sizes. Cast aluminum ornaments and bound, bent and beveled clear glass.

Lincoln Post Mount: Large estate lantern designed and hand made in New Hampshire for Walpole Woodworkers by Northeast Lanterns. Solid brass and copper.

Vidalia Onion Post Mount: A New England favorite onion lantern with clear glass. Four color choices – three brass finishes and a natural copper. Due to manufacturer’s product change this lantern is sold with a single medium socket (not the 3 candelabras pictured).

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Lovely Lantern – Photo Gallery

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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Amazing Outdoor Kitchens

Key West with Champagne Finish Outdoor Kitchen

A great way to really embrace the outdoors is to bring all the functionality of the kitchen poolside! An outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill – it is a beautifully crafted kitchen area complete with beautiful cabinets for storage and plenty of counter space to create the perfect meal.

Danver Outdoor Kitchens can meet any homeowners needs. European-style frameless cabinetry meets today’s demand for top quality, fully functional outdoor living rooms and entertaining areas.

Designer colors and wood grain powder-coat finishes – applied directly to modular stainless steel – can match the color scheme of your outdoor furniture or home’s interior. A wide selection of door styles helps you create a kitchen that perfectly complements your taste and lifestyle. Choices in cabinet sizes accommodate any kitchen footprint or layout. Danver also distributes American-made grills, refrigeration, and specialty cooking appliances to personalize your space even more.

Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Urban and rural landscapes or rooftops and multi-family spaces, the location of your outdoor living space is no longer a concern, as the color and style options available to you enhance your dream design to perfection.

Mix and match stainless appliances with one of our many woodgrain or powder coat finishes for a custom look unique to your personal style. Add a custom handle of your choice to complete the design.

This fence is part of a Public Television This Old House renovation undertaken in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood in 2014. An urban outdoor kitchen is afforded privacy and exceptional style by a Walpole inlaid lattice courtyard fence in Verde green.

Rooftop Kitchen Space

Rooftop Kitchen installation.

No backyard? Limited space? Combine your rooftop seating area with an outdoor kitchen and you’ve crafted the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining anytime.

Walpole Outdoors offers top-rate Danver Outdoor Kitchens with choice of grills, burners, sinks, refrigeration, bar centers, and more. Cabinetry options can create the look and feel of what matters to you most in outdoor entertainment and lifestyle. This rooftop kitchen, in a special order color option, is sleek, finished, and professional with a Hampton door style.


Browse through additional styles and outdoor kitchen installations for inspiration on our website! Get in touch by calling 866-941-7540 or fill out our form for a free consultation and we will help you get your dream backyard for 2020.


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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Anyone who loves their home will love a gift from Walpole Outdoors! Aside from our large scale custom creations like fences and pergolas we also offer some great smaller items that will bring a little extra joy to any home.


Birdhouses & Feeders


The Lazy Hill Large Shingled Birdhouse.

The Lazy Hill Large Shingled Birdhouse.

A birdhouse or feeder is a great gift because it always fits! A beautiful bird structure is a great addition to the backyard of any home, bird enthusiasts and novices alike. One of our most popular is the Lazy Hill Large Shingled House. This house is and adaptation of an English dovecote and has ample room for several birds. The recipient can install it anywhere they like and watch as birds flock to it!

If you would rather gift a feeder try the Lazy Hill Loretta Feeder. This feeder features a lovely shingled roof and elegant arched openings.


Planters & Window Boxes


A Rockport Square Planter all done up for the holidays!

A Rockport Square Planter all done up for the holidays!

Another great way to show someone you care this holiday season is with a simple planter or window box. Regardless of their style these pieces will fit right in. Each can be transformed with arrangements and seasonal decor.

One of our favorites is the classic Rockport Square Planter, available in black and white. This planter is the perfect size for a number of locations around the exterior of a home including right beside the door.

If you would rather gift a window box you can’t go wrong with the Bullnose Window Box. This is a great white box with a clean smooth surface.


Mailbox & Post


The Liberty Mail Post makes a great gift.

The Liberty Mail Post makes a great gift.

What better gift for a new homeowner than a mailbox and post? Walpole mailboxes add class and curb appeal to thousands of homes all over the US.

Start by choosing from a number of post designs like the popular Liberty Mail Post or the Dover Mail Post. Next choose a mailbox like the Aluminum Strongbox or go for something with a little more modern style like the Copper Mailbox.



Find more gift ideas over on Pinterest!



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Decorating Your Window Box For The Holidays

The holiday season is here — is your home ready? Aside from the traditional exterior holiday lights you can add a few classy touches to your existing decor to make it seasonal. Have you updated your window boxes yet? Here are a few ideas to make them stand out…

Evergreens and Berries


Evergreens and berries fill a window box. (craftandhomeideas.com)

Evergreens and berries fill a window box. (craftandhomeideas.com)

One great way to bring a little holiday spirit to your home is adding some greens and berries to your window boxes. This is a classic and simple arrangement that is hearty enough to withstand some serious weather. You can also make small changes to keep this look through January.

Like in this example you should utilize a few different kinds of greens to create texture and dimension. Add in a burst of red berries to create some contrast and interest.




Ornaments make a great window box display! (grand inroad.com)

Ornaments make a great window box display! (grandinroad.com)

Want to lean into the Christmas theme more? Fill up your window box with some ornaments! This example is actually a pre-made window box filler you can purchase fully assembled but you can also create a custom look on your own.

Select a color theme beforehand and head out to purchase some durable shatterproof ornaments. Fill your window box with greens like you normally would and then attach ornaments throughout the arrangement. You can attach them with floral wire so they stay put!


The ideas don’t end there! We’ve seen some amazing things created with candles, lights, wreaths and much more. Head on over to Pinterest to see a full board of our favorite seasonal window box decor.

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4 Ways to Protect Plants From Winter Cold

Keep your plants safe from winter weather!

The incoming high winds and heavy snowfall got us thinking — what are the best ways to protect your plants from winter weather? Can you protect everything? How do you go from season to season without having to completely re-build your garden? How do you add a covering to your garden?

Winter gardening is a task in itself and mostly occurs inside your home or in some sort of greenhouse or outdoor shed. Your beautiful spring garden, however, lives outdoors and even though many of the plants have been removed after their season ended you are still left with a few, along with your home’s landscaping.

So blizzards beware! Here are a few ways you can protect your garden from winter.

1. To avoid a springtime rebuild always choose plants that are compatible with your climate. Especially for landscaping choose plants that can last through whatever winter weather your area usually gets. Every spring you will certainly plant more seasonal items but shrubs and greens could get very costly if they have to be replanted every year.

2. If your garden has some plants that might freeze or get carried off by harsh winds cover them up. The best way to do this is with a blanket or tarp. The covering will give it some warmth and protection from freezing and winds. These plants are likely dormant anyway so you won’t be smothering them, only protecting the stems and roots so they can flourish again come spring.

3. Another great covering is mulch. Mulch is used in landscaping regularly but it is also an insulator and would do a great job keeping your plants safe from the cold winds and frost. Before or during the winter spread a thick layer of much on your garden to cover the plants that remain. Just remember that mulch needs to be raked away when the weather warms up, otherwise it could prevent plants from beginning to grow again.

4. If you love it, bring it inside. The best way to save plants from the harsh winter is to simply bring it indoors. While you can’t bring everything inside you can definitely uproot a few of your favorites or most delicate plants to keep indoors until the weather warms up a bit. If you can’t bring indoors consider getting a cold frame or constructing a temporary sanctuary or greenhouse for your beloved greens!

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Bringing Life To Your Winter Landscape

Winter is a dark and cold time – but it doesn’t have to be a downer. Adding life to your yard or winter garden isn’t as hard as you think and can be done in a span of only a few hours (or in the summer if you like to plan ahead). Here are a few ideas to consider…


Use Your Hardscapes

A beautiful lattice panel stands out in the snow.

A beautiful lattice panel stands out in the snow.

Getting anything to grow outside in the winter is impossible – so lean into it! Focus on utilizing the non-living aspects of your yard or garden. Structures like fencing, arbors, pergolas, statues and more are striking in the warm months and can continue to be eye catching in the winter.

Show off these structures with lights either strung around the beams or with a ground level spotlight pointed in its direction. You can also add evergreens and hearty berry plants to create a pop of color during the daytime. You can also add some decorations when appropriate.


Use Planters Everywhere

A planter displays a lovely winter arrangement.

A planter displays a lovely winter arrangement.

You can create some beautiful displays in planters, even during the winter months. You can grab your warm weather planters from storage and fill them with evergreens, grasses and berries to create beautiful cold weather arrangements. You can also add colorful bows and light elements to bring even more life into the arrangement.

If you don’t want to go crazy just adding some evergreens is still perfectly lovely. Use these at your entryway, lantern posts and  key focal points in your yard – be careful around mailboxes because the closer to the street the more likely they will be hit by plows.



Plan Ahead

Next year consider adding a little winter prep to your normal gardening routine. Think about what kinds of plants can thrive in the cold and use those in your spring and summer gardens with your normal plants. Look for plants that are hearty greens and produce colorful berries.



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Using Your Planter In The Fall

Just because the warm days have past doesn’t mean you have to put all of your outdoor decor into storage. A great planter can be utilized throughout the year, even in the coolest months.

Fall is the perfect time to get festive and create interesting container gardens and arrangements. Though your choices on what is hearty enough to stick around will not be as vast you still have many beautiful options. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Rustic Ornamental Grass

Purple grasses can create beautiful dimension in an autumn planter.

Purple grasses can create beautiful dimension in an autumn planter.


Create a rustic planter but utilizing a variety of different grasses. Grasses tend to be hearty and very seasonal. You can add a few varieties to create a lush, full look.

Some seasonal favorites include purple fountain grass, Mexican feather grass and Chinese silver grass.

Grasses look great together with a few bursts of color in the form of flowers or gourds! Utilize ornamental grasses to add a little height to your arrangements.


Pumpkins & Gourds, Oh My!

Pumpkins and gourds are interesting enough all on their own!

Pumpkins and gourds are interesting enough all on their own!


Your container garden doesn’t have to be full of things that are still growing, adding a few decorative elements can really bring it to life.

You can create a container garden that centers around one large pumpkin, add a few small ones in a lush arrangement or create a garden made entirely of pumpkins and gourds! What you do is simply add in a little grass and fill your planter with carefully selected gourds that meet your color palette. If you want add in some pinecones and acorns to give it a little added interest. While it is no longer growing it is certainly lovely.


Embrace Color Combinations

Who said fall flowers weren't vibrant!?

Who said fall flowers weren’t vibrant!?


If the weather has you in the blue cheer yourself with a burst of color! Embrace the natural hues of fall in your container garden. Flowers like mums and pansies do well in cool temperatures so if you fill your planter with those you will enjoy weeks of colorful blooms at your front door.

Pick two or more colors and lean into that combination! Add a few contrasting elements to really make them pop.


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