Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Hammond Lantern Post

Hammond Lantern Post with Beacon Lantern

There’s no better time to give your outdoor lighting an upgrade. As the days grow shorter the need for a little light in the driveway, walkway or at the front entry is no longer just a style choice but a practical one as well.

A lantern and post is an investment that will not only provide you with much needed light in areas of high foot traffic but one that will also boost your homes’ curb appeal. A great lantern and post will last you years and years and give you great opportunities as far as seasonal decorating and landscaping are concerned. A wreath at Christmas or a bed of flowers in the springtime – Can you picture it?

One of the most popular and versatile lantern posts is the Hammond Lantern Post. This beautifully crafted post features four recessed panels and a decorative cap, all crafted in low maintenance AZEK, an advanced wood alternative material. The Hammond Lantern Post can withstand even the coldest winter weather and requires little to no maintenance – no peeling and no rotting.

The beautiful Seafarer Hanging Lantern.

You can also add your own touches to your Hammond Lantern Post with size options as well as your choice of Sherwin Williams vinyl safe paint if the standard white doesn’t suit your outdoor aesthetic. Additionally you can add a mounted bracket that can hold a hanging hand-crafted sign of your choice.

Each post compliments any one of the dozens of lantern styles we offer online or at our retail locations. A popular style (and the one featured in both of the above images) is the Beacon Lantern. This is a traditional lantern with single bulb and hurricane glass enclosed by four panels of glass and a beautiful brass finish. This classic lantern look also comes in a side-mount version for lighting up your front entry.

Whether your style is more traditional or contemporary we are happy to help you find the perfect lantern and post combination for your home. To see our entire range of lanterns and lantern posts visit our website or drop by a retail location.

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Beautiful Arbors – Photos

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Project Spotlight: Farm Neck Golf Club Custom Pergola


Extraordinary custom pergola professionally designed and Walpole fabricated and installed at Farm Neck Cafe on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. This pergola shades the new patio.

In Oak Bluffs, MA, Walpole Outdoors crafted this spectacular, low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC for the cafe at the Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard.

Measuring 86 feet long overall, with a 32 foot radius beam, the pergola has twenty-one 8 inch square posts and three apexes. Walpole created a cavity in select joists in the apexes, allowing wire to travel through the columns and connecting to lights that illuminate the pathway and the overall structure. The combination of Walpole’s CAD department, in house metal fabrication, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and expert installation, resulted in a substantial custom pergola that was completed for use by the golf course earlier than originally estimated.



The new custom pergola provides shade and seating for visitors.


Lights are strung through the rafters to illuminate the pergola area in the evenings.


The custom pergola curves to cover the patio area.


View lookin up under the custom entry structure.


Seating provides a good view of the golf course.


This pergola is crafted with AZEK wood alternative material to ensure it won’t rot or split.

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Enhance Your Entryway With An Arbor

Outdoor structures are an easy way to enhance the natural beauty of your home or garden, enhance your landscaping and create an inviting atmosphere. A structure also serves as a visual focal point that can really add a boost to your home’s curb appeal and be the basis for an area of visual interest you can build upon. Though all structures accomplish this none do so quite as easily as a classic arbor.

Arbors can be used along with fencing and gates, hedges and perimeter landscaping, footpaths, or just by itself to establish an entryway to a garden area. The structures are versatile and have a simple elegance. Choose a graceful arch top or a flat pergola top with or without lattice panels.

One of the best things about an arbor is it’s simplicity. Here are a few standard arbor designs that can fit into virtually any outdoor area…

Plantation Arbor

The Plantation Arbor with Hyannis swing.

The Plantation Arbor with Hyannis swing.

With its handsome good looks, the Plantation Arbor is always an inviting attraction, no matter where it is located in the garden. It measures 6-feet wide with 4-inch square vinyl posts and three sturdy carrying beams. The horizontal/vertical lattice side panels are 6-feet high with 2½ inch openings. Sold with our comfortable 4-foot Hyannis porch swing which is crafted from low maintenance recycled material.

This wide arbor looks great with a swing or just to frame a larger entryway. Utilize the lattice panels and pergola style top to grow vertically!

Standard Spindle Top Arbor

The classic arched-top arbor.

The classic arched-top arbor.

If your vision for an arbor includes a graceful arch the Standard Spindle Top Arbor is your best bet.

This arbor is the classic look that many homeowners envision for their homes. The arched top is flanked by two lattice side panels that compliment any style fencing and can be used as an anchor to climbing plants of any variety.

This design looks great with a fence and gate but can also be a great addition to a stone or gravel footpath to create a little bit of whimsy.

Crafted in AZEK cellular PVC with 4-inch square posts with 3 1/2 inch square arch. 5-foot high horizontal/vertical lattice side panels with 38-inch depth.

Standard Garden Arbor

The versatile Garden Arbor.

The versatile Garden Arbor.

Walpole arbors make a grand entrance no matter the architecture of your home or where you choose to locate them. Our standard 6-foot wide Garden Arbor has 4-inch square posts, and a 4-inch square decorative carrying beam. The impressive pergola-style top is complemented by horizontal/vertical lattice side panels.

The Garden arbor is handcrafted in low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC. This advanced vinyl has the weight and look of natural wood, yet it won’t rot, warp, or crack, and will hold its pristine looks for years with little-to-no effort required.

While we offer a wide selection of standard arbors, we will work with your ideas to create the perfect customized structure to meet your location, taste, and needs. Our arbors are factory prepainted so there no mess during installation.

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Summer Living Outdoors

Getting the most out of your summer means getting out of the house as much as possible. What better way to spend time outdoors than in your own yard or patio.

The key to spending time outside is to create a space that is comfortable and versatile for the entire season. To do this you need a few core pieces of furniture to invest in and then build your space around them. What you need all depends on what kind of space you are looking to build.

Simple Seating Area

The Seaside Adirondack is a summertime favorite.

The Seaside Adirondack is a summertime favorite.

If you don’t have a lot of space or don’t need a big setup a few great chairs will do the trick and get you outdoors. Some of our favorites include the timeless Adirondack style chairs. These chairs are stylish and oh so sturdy, made in quality cedar and painted or stained a a variety of great colors. You can go for something bright like red, yellow, green, orange or blue or stick with the classic white or stained cedar look.

If you want to add a little something extra you can up the comfort with the Seaside Adirondack Footrest or add some convenience with the handy Harbor View Adirondack End Table. Each of these accessories can make your simple chair setup extra luxurious.


A True Dining Setup

The Essex Oval Extension Table is a big table fit for a large outdoor area.

The Essex Oval Extension Table is a big table fit for a large outdoor area.

If you have the space and entertain a lot (or just have a big family) you might want to create a larger space for eating and relaxing that can include everyone at the same time.

The first piece you need is a good table. The Essex Oval Extension table is a large stylish table that can expand to seat eight people comfortably. Next add some complimentary chairs like the Chelsea Armchair to finish off the space.


Plush and Lush

This sag harbor setup is perfect for endless summer relaxation.

This sag harbor setup is perfect for endless summer relaxation.

If you are looking for something a little more comfy cozy take a peak at our Nantucket and Sag Harbor collections. Each collection features finely crafted furniture with plush cushions ideal for sinking into.

These collections can create spaces that feel extra luxurious and look especially amazing under one of our amazing pergolas (if you don’t have one of those already we can help you create something great).

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Project Spotlight: Lulu’s AZEK Pergola

A beautiful western red cedar pergola shades and outdoor dining area.

A beautiful pergola shades and outdoor dining area.

Handcrafted by Walpole Outdoors in AZEK, this superb pergola is for the outdoor seating area at Lulu’s restaurant in Boston  The 10’ H. columns are 8” square and are secured with steel pipes in the base.

For added comfort, there are manually retractable Shade FX canopies. The surrounding Universal board fence and gate are crafter in stained verde cedar. The privacy fencing has been constructed to sit atop the restaurant’s stone wall where necessary.

This setup gives the restaurant ample space to host outdoor diners and enough coverage to withstand rainy and sunny days alike. An outdoor canopy pergola is a great investment for any restaurant looking to add tables without taking away from the atmosphere of the main dining area.


A view of the dining area with the canopy retracted.


Diners are protected from bad weather with a retractable canopy.


The pergola fits in with the privacy fencing that frames the area.

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Planters and Window Boxes – Photos

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Project Spotlight: Restaurant Pergola

A freestanding pergola adds room for dining space outside.

A freestanding pergola adds room for dining space outside.

The Mohawk House in Sparta, New Jersey, chose Walpole to create a structure that would invite outdoor dining, while enhancing the restaurant’s warm atmosphere and visually appealing setting. Expansive Walpole pergolas are allowing restaurants nationwide to provide additional seating more quickly and perhaps more cost-effectively than a full-blown build-out expansion project. 

By creating a light and airy outdoor room, a Walpole pergola affords businesses and homeowner alike many opportunities to be creative with the space. Whether it includes dining tables and chairs, relaxed seating areas, or elaborate outdoor bars and kitchens, the options are almost limitless.

While Walpole pergolas create a dynamic sense of space and openness, they are also extremely functional. This structure features double shade canopies. The motor drive operation allows the canopy to be closed quickly as the push of a button, protecting diners and staff from harsh, direct sunlight, or drizzling rain. 

A monorail drive beam supports each canopy in the middle with “wings” that suspend the fabric. This unique design solution allows the rain to drain to the sides, rather than pool in the middle. During this party, when light rain began to fall, the canopies were quickly closed, and the event continued without disruption.


Pergolas are perfect for outdoor parties in the spring and summer.


Dozens of people dine under the pergola in Sparta, New Jersey.


The motorized canopy makes adding additional coverage overhead simple.


The expansive pergola has allowed the Mohawk restaurant to expand its seating exponentially.

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Custom Lattice Panels and Structures

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Lattice Panels For The Home

Adding some charm and interest to your home or garden doesn’t have too be difficult or even too expensive. You can go big or small with something geometric or with romantic curves. Lattice panels come in all shapes and sizes and fit into almost any home or garden setup. If you can dream it we can do it!

Small Attached Pieces

Standard Decorative Lattice Panel in Osterville, MA.

Standard Decorative Lattice Panel in Osterville, MA.

Small lattice panels are a great way to add a little interest to a bare wall attached to the exterior of a home, garden enclosure, shed or garage. You can go with something simple and rectangular like the Standard Decorative Lattice Panel or something sweeping and elegant like the Rosewood Classic Lattice Panel.

Each piece comes in its own standard sizing but can be made to order in any size that you need to complete your project. Each AZEK lattice panel is finished in white but can be painted any Sherwin Williams vinyl safe color to best suit your needs.

Large Free-Standing Pieces

Custom lattice arch front view.

Custom lattice arch front view.

A little creativity goes a long way. We’ve helped customers bring their unique visions to life by crafting the intricate large-scale free-standing lattice structures in their imaginations. Each structure serves a unique purpose whether it be a visual statement, fence or a privacy screen.

Lattice panels provide an almost limitless number of opportunities to be creative in a specific area of the garden – with spectacular results. The custom Lattice Arch was handcrafted for a function facility and serves as an appropriately charming backdrop for treasured photographs. 

Historical Replication

Urban rooftop garden lattice panels.

Urban rooftop garden lattice panels.

Preserving the look and feel of a historical location is important when renovating. Walpole has worked with numerous clients to craft lattice panels that maintain the historical appearance of old, treasured buildings.

In 2013 a New York City customer sought Walpole’s help in replicating an historical lattice motif for their rooftop garden at a location originally built by Fred F. French in the 1920s. This distinctive lattice was handcrafted in cellular PVC, so the apartment owners will have little maintenance concerns for years as they enjoy the great looks of this classic presentation high above the bustling metropolis.


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