3 Ways To Enhance Your Arbor

Creating a memorable entryway is a priority when designing the exterior of a home or business. While the structures alone are a beautiful sight some home and business owners want to add a unique touch to make it truly their own.

An arbor is the perfect structure to add some structure to a pathway, entrance or garden area. Using a little creativity you can take that beautiful structure and add a little extra interest or whimsy.

1. Climbing Greens

Ivy climbs a unique blue entry arbor.

Ivy climbs a unique blue entry arbor.

An arbor covered in green creates a natural look that perfectly enhances any garden entry. Choosing the perfect climbing green plant depends on your climate more than anything followed by how much maintenance you are willing commit to. Ivy is always a great, low-maintenance option that grows fast and maintains a lush green color throughout most of the year. If you live in a colder climate and want a lot of coverage Golden Hops is a great choice. This climber grows quickly and is hearty even in winter. The only downside is that it can get unruly if not regularly maintained.

2.  Climbing Flowers

Beautiful red flowers add a pop of color to this arbor.

Beautiful red flowers add a pop of color to this arbor.

Looking for some color in the spring and summer but a hearty green in fall and winter? Adding a climbing flowering plant is a great idea for an arbor. You can go with classic climbing roses that create a romantic look if you are willing to spend a little time cultivating the flowers. Climbing roses comes in just about every color imaginable so you have an unlimited number of options to go with.

Other popular climbers include the beautifully purple clematis, delicate blue morning glory and cute pink sweet pea. Each plant has its own specific needs but they all climb beautifully and and grow vivid color blooms with hearty greens. If you want something with a little more drama wisteria is an option to consider.

3. Light It Up

A front entry gated arbor utilizes a lantern just behind the fence to keep the path lit in the evenings.

A front entry gated arbor utilizes a lantern just behind the fence to keep the path lit in the evenings.

Adding seasonal touches to your outdoor structures is fun and festive but you don’t have to keep those Christmas lights stored away all season long. A great way to create some interest in the evening is to add some light features to your arbor.

Some small twinkle lights nestled in the ivy is season-less and magical. If you don’t have the ivy then stringing the lights on the arch is just as lovely and the small bulbs won’t be a distraction in the daylight. You can also add a lantern and post just beside the arbor so you can light it up in the evenings to show off your arbor and guide people through the entry.

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Beautiful Arbors – Photos

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Photo Gallery: Trellis Systems

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Adding Architectural Interest To Your Home

What exactly is architectural interest and why should I care?

Simply put architectural interest or architectural detail is simple additions to the structure of your home to make its construction more dynamic and interesting. Adding more architectural detail can take a simple space into one with enormous charm and curb appeal. Small touches can make a space look more unique and pleasing to the eye.

Generally to add this interest you work with the structures and angles that already exist on the interior and exterior of your home. Adding some architectural interest to the exterior of your home can really change the look of your space and provide a boost to curb appeal.


Trellis Systems

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

A great way to add architectural interest to your homes’ exterior is with a trellis system. A trellis is an architectural system that uses clean lines to frame entryways, windows and provide space for climbing plants to flourish on your home.

Many homeowners add trellis systems over doorways or windows to heighten the otherwise generic looking space. Trellis systems can add a ton of charm to the exterior of any building with simplicity.


Architectural Elements

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

There are many other elements you can utilize when adding architectural interest to your home. You can opt to add stylish raised window panels to enhance the look of your windows. Dentils are also a great way to add some interest to your home. The custom vinyl moldings add a touch of unique detail to cornices.

Other architectural upgrades include cellular vinyl fascia boards, rafter tails, corbels, and custom pillar posts. Some large additions can include lovely attached pergolas or entryway structures.


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Adding Interest To Your Business

For a business owner, architect or developer creating a lasting impression is important when imagining the exterior of a business. The shape and size of a building and its paint color are important but even if you are working with an old building or cannot renovate you can still do a lot with exterior structures and architectural touches.

Small Touches Have A Big Impact

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Custom planters in Cambridge, Mass.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff?” Well in this case, ignore it. Small exterior details can be crucial at establishing your business because that’s the first impression any prospective customer or client will ever have.

Small items like lanterns, posts, mailboxes, window boxes and planters can help create an inviting and classic look without a ton of effort. Planters with flowers or greens flanking an entryway or a beautiful lantern post right out front can give a great boost to your business’ curb appeal.

Structural Elements

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

A custom pergola installation makes a truly grand entrance.

To make a bigger impact add a larger structure to the exterior of your business. A great investment is an attached or freestanding pergola. This kind of structure creates an exterior space to relax under or a covering to a walk or entryway that is sturdy, refined and long-lasting.

Walpole pergolas are crafted in the finest cedar or wood alternative material AZEK™, a material that looks and feels like wood but will not rot, split or chip and requires no-maintenance.

Another option is to add something smaller but impactful like a beautiful arbor to add interest to an entryway or a a trellis above doorways and windows.

Create A Border

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Post and Rail perimeter fence at Merrimack Premium Outlet, Merrimack, NH.

Fencing has more power than establishing privacy – it can also be a big factor in increasing curb appeal. A smart, clean, classic fence establishes structure to the exterior of a building and defines the space. The clean lines with posts and pickets add to the positive perception you are trying to create for your prospective clients.

Add a unique or eye catching gate or pillars and you can have an enviable entry.

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Five Great Climbing Plants


If you have a garden structure like an arborobelisklattice, or trellis you are always on the lookout for a beautiful climbing plant to really bring it to life. Luckily there is a climbing plant for every style; some with colorful flowers and some with sweeping vines. Which one is the best for your home? Which one grows the fastest and lasts the longest? Here are five of our favorite climbing plants that will bring your home and garden to life and last throughout the season.

1. Clematis. The clematis plant is a well known and common climbing plant for good reason. This beautiful plant grows quickly and latches on to just about anything. This won’t just look good on your garden structure but will also climb along you fence and up your mail and lantern posts as well. The flowering vine looks amazing in the spring and summer with beautiful pink and purple flowers blooming everywhere.

2. Wisteria. If you are looking for true drama consider planting some sprawling wisteria. This plant grows fast and produces long lavender blooms that add elegance to any structure. This plant is harder to grow than some others and requires a sturdy structure to support it and a good deal of care and pruning. Grow this on a trellis or arbor over a walkway but keep it away from other, smaller plants, as it is competitive for space.

Climbing Roses

3. Moonflower. A beautiful, classic climbing plant is the moonflower. The plant grows thick on just about any structure with beautiful white flowers opening all over. This plant looks great on any structure because it creates a thick, lush covering. Moonflower grows best around its supports so give it some guidance and send it on its way.

4. Star Jasmine. If you are looking for a beautiful evergreen vine go for star jasmine. This plant grows quickly on structures like arbors and fences with white flowers blooming through the spring and the summer. This plant looks great in the off season when it isn’t growing with its sprawling and lush greens remaining on your outdoor structure.

5. Climbing Roses. A true classic, climbing roses add a touch of elegance to any garden structure. Depending on your needs you can choose between climbing (smaller long lasting blooms) and rambling (larger blooms that only open once a season) roses, both of which are beautiful climbers. You can find climbing roses in a variety of colors to suit your needs. Add these to a trellis or an arbor and watch them open in the warm weather!

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Adding Color To An Outdoor Space – Lattice & Planters

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is important for homeowners and business owners alike. A striking outdoor space can make your home or business more inviting, boost curb appeal and boost a property’s value.

Aside from adding larger scale structures like fencing and pergolas you can add immense value by just adding a splash of color. A great way to get that color in a lovely and manageable way is with a planter or lattice panel.

Planters and lattice panels give flowers and other plants a contained space to grow and add character. These outdoor tools also make flowers easier to manage and move.

Climbing Plants on Lattice Panels


The charming Rosewood Classic Lattice Panel.


If you are short on horizontal space go vertical! Dress up an empty exterior wall with a simple lattice panel and let those climbing plants climb! All you have to do is install and start growing – many climbing plants will climb on their own and require only a little trimming as they grow.

Lattice is also a great thing to consider when creating any kind of partition. If privacy isn’t a huge factor skip the fence and add a larger scale lattice panel or lattice fence. This structural change will allow you some creativity – instead of having a plain fence you can have large space for a variety of lush climbing plants.


Container Gardens in Planters

Privacy with charm and imagination are shown here by the smart combination of stepped crisscross lattice panels fronted by Walpole Rockport planters.

Privacy with charm is shown here by the smart combination of stepped crisscross lattice panels fronted by planters.

If maneuverability is a big concern for you then a planter is a great choice in adding some color and life to your space. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, planters are an easy all-weather way to add charm to an entryway, porch, or outdoor gathering space.

Planters can look great pretty much anywhere – even indoors! Purchasing a versatile and durable planter is ideal so you won’t have to worry about unsightly chips and splitting. Walpole planters are made from AZEK wood alternative, a material that is virtually maintenance free and won’t warp or rot like wood. These planters can weather just about anything and can be used all year long to add some color.


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Walpole Planters in Action – Photos

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Spring Planter Ideas

Sick of the winter yet? Luckily spring is right around the corner.

Start your celebration of the season off with some lovely and inspiring container gardens and arrangements around the exterior of your home. All you need to spruce up your yard in the transitional period is a quality planter and a little creativity – and maybe a green thumb.

Sunny Yellows


Daffodils are a classic spring flower.

A great idea when creating a container garden is to choose a theme or color and really go for it. Coming from the dreariness of winter a bold bright garden is perfect for elevating your home’s exterior and lifting spirits. Plant a number of beautiful yellow flowers, with seasonal greens, in your best planter (maybe your Rectangular Rockport Planter) and put it at your entryway or another location that gets a lot of visibility. Daffodils are perfect for this kind of arrangement because they thrive in early spring and are vibrant in color. You can also choose pansies and crocus, both early spring favorites that bloom in bold yellows.


Pretty Pinks

A lovely array of pink flowers grows in this Paneled Planter.

A lovely array of pink flowers grows in this Paneled Planter.

What color comes to mind when you think of spring flowers? Chances are it’s pink. A great way to welcome the season is with an arrangement of varying shades of pink. This monochromatic look is chic and anything but boring.

With the color as the theme you can go crazy with what kinds of flowers you choose trying out different shapes and textures. The only thing you need to consider is the needs of each kind of plant you choose – making sure they are all similar will enable you to keep the arrangement healthy and bold all season long.


Lush Textures


A great planter garden uses texture and shape to create a lush space.

Another idea for getting that perfect container garden is to really go in on the varieties of plants you are using. One way to achieve a truly lush arrangement is to go with plants that have varying, but complimentary, shapes and textures. Dianthus is a great choice for this kind of arrangement because it looks great planted in close clumps. Another wise choice are snapdragons for their bold colors and unique shape and the always versatile ivy for some delicate hanging pieces. This kind of arrangement would look lovely in a more shapely planter like the Tapered Planter or in a window box.

Shop the full line of planters and window boxes on the Walpole Outdoors website and share your spring gardens with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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Planters In Commercial Spaces

Crafting an outdoor space is as much style as it is function. Stylish planters can serve as beautiful accents to other structures or become structures of their own – becoming barriers when placed together on a perimeter or as support when used to construct a self-anchoring pergola.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Fencing and railings are beautiful ways to create a perimeter but sometimes a space just calls for a little more. Here you can see our stylish Rectangular Rockport Planters used as an outer border to a series of tennis courts.

This space already has fencing where height is needed but the area alongside the court needed a little something different. The planters are durable and useful in every season as well as a great way to add some life and color to an otherwise open space.


Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Larger planter styles can also function

wonderfully as living privacy screens or as bases for anchored-pergolas on rooftops. These planters serve as the base for the lattice beam that supports this roof-top pergola – a clever and safe way to construct a structure in an un-traditional location.

Need something that will fit in to existing decor style? Walpole will handcraft custom planters in any style and to the dimensions that meet your specific needs.

These are crafted in AZEK™, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood, yet won’t rot, crack, or split, and will hold its pristine appearance for years. AZEK planters do not require liners.

We will also pre-paint your planters in your choice of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors, which come with a 25-year warranty.

Planters are also great for their traditional use – beautiful accents to outdoor and indoor areas. Planter gardens add a little splash of life to wherever they are placed and can be moved and changed depending on the season. All planter boxes have pre-drilled drainage holes. For interior use or easy seasonal changes we offer copper and plastic liners for our Small Square Planter, Small Rectangular Planter, and Large Rectangular Planter.


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