Our Mailbox Posts Are Made to Stand the Test of Time

Walpole Woodworkers – Our Mailbox Posts Are Made to Stand the Test of Time

If it seems like barely a year goes by that you don’t end up having to tear out the old post that your mailbox has been sitting on and replacing it, perhaps you should consider one of the mailbox posts in our online catalog. You will find that we carry a large selection in materials such as Northern White Cedar, solid cellular vinyl and granite, all of which are designed to stand the test of time.

Your Neighbors Will Love Our Mailbox Posts

If you think you have had enough of your old mailbox posts that always seem to look terrible, imagine how your neighbors must feel every time they drive by and see your sorry excuse for a mailbox post. However, wait until you see the looks on their faces when you install one of the mailbox posts from our online catalog that is going to look as good several years down the road as it did the day you installed it.



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