Mailboxes and Curbside Posts

Copper MailboxIn early American society, one had to go to the post office and pay a fee to send or receive a letter. In 1863 all that changed when the USPS began selling postal stamps. They also started “free” urban delivery at this point, creating a unified and regulated size for mail boxes to be. This early standard still exists today.

Dragonfly Copper Side MountMailboxes need to be large enough to receive a standard letter in folded or flat form, yet small enough to maintain structural integrity that gives adequate shelter from the elements.

Our mailbox selection is guaranteed to make even the choosiest homeowner happy.

Walpole mailboxes deliver on a promise of rugged dependability and handsome good looks. Choose post mount or side mount in a variety of colors. Mailbox construction choices include high strength steel, premium steel, copper, and solid die cast brass. Street numbers, lettering style, and color selection are available for ordering from Walpole.

We also offer a selection of mailbox posts to fill your every need.

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