Light Your Entrance Ways

New Orleans Side Mount

New Orleans Side Mount

Covered entrance ways and porches are a great spot to install a side mount or hanging lamp fixture. They make any entryway, front or back, seem more welcoming and elegant.

These charming additions do much more than add light. They add personality and direction for your visitors. A well placed front or back entrance light informs your friends where your entrance is by night AND provides a wonderful design element for your home.

You can place a hanging fixture above each door, or place a side mount on either side of the doors. In some cases if your doorway and porch areas are large enough, you can even place one on each side.

Of course it’s best to not over light the area, so make sure you purchase just enough fixtures to accomplish the level of illumination that suits your aesthetic and overall exterior home design.

Here are a few of our side mount light fixtures:

Click HERE to find the full selection of side mount lanterns

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