Luxurious Lattice

Luxurious Lattice

Adding a touch of spring to your home is easier than you think. With a beautiful lattice you can add real vegetation to your home that will come back year after year bringing life and color throughout the season.

Walpole handcrafted lattice panels decorate your landscape with charm and sophistication while encouraging your favorite climbing plants. Enhance bare exterior walls with lattice featuring Victorian arches, oval cutouts, or a cameo design element. Offered in natural wood or in low maintenance solid cellular vinyl, standard lattice panels have choices in sizes, horizontal/vertical spacing, and more. Walpole will also work with you to create custom panels that meet your particular need and complement your style sense.

Cedar Lattice with Oval Cut-Out

The symmetry of the horizontal/vertical lines are juxtaposed by the charming oval.  Panel has a curving arched top with cap and is 8′ H, 4′ W.  Oval cut-out is 18″ H, 12″ W. Horizontal/vertical lattice opening is 2 1/2″ sq.  Lattice thickness is 5/8″ by 1 1/8″. Decorative sphere cap. Crafted in solid cellular vinyl. Allow 30″ to 36″ for burial of 4″ sq. posts. Prefinished white.

Lattice Espalier

Encourage your climbing plants, including apple trees, with open Lattice fence work. Notice that this structure features personalized posts.

Lattice Panel Grouping

Instead of one large panel, this homeowner chose a trio of matched lattice sections, providing visual interest and balance between the windows, window boxes, and the upstairs porch.

Radius Standard Lattice Panels

2 1/2″ sq. horizontal/vertical lattice openings form this Standard Cellular Vinyl Radius panel that can top our rectangular lattice panels for an elegant, finished look. 37 1/2″ W panels are 18″ H. 48 1/2″ W panels are 24″ H.  Mounting hardware not included.

Manhasset Lattice Panel Kit

Whatever location you choose, the Manhasset will stand proud and tall. 72″H, 32″W, 2½”D, with horizontal/vertical lattice openings of 4 5∕8″ sq. Lattice thickness is 5∕8″ x 1 1∕8″. Crafted in cellular PVC and prefinished white. Included are blocks to separate lattice from wall. Delivered in kit form that facilitates more economical UPS shipping, the panel is easy to assemble. Mounting hardware not included.

Cottage Accent Lattice Panel

Expansive and impressive, this accent lattice panel is a smart architectural element that highlights a wall, complements your plantings, and on this occasion, a comfortable bench. Panel has a curving arched top with cap and is 66″ H, 91″ W. Overall width with posts is 102″.  Panel features 16″ dia. round cut-out and horizontal/vertical lattice opening is 3 1/4″ sq.  Lattice thickness is 5/8″ x 1 1/8″.  Decorative sphere caps. Allow 30″ to 36″ for burial of 5 1/2″ sq. posts.  Prefinished white. Motor freight. Solid Cellular Vinyl.



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