Invest in Wooden PlaySets

If you are considering having a wooden play set installed in your yard for the enjoyment of your children, you are making a wise investment. Wooden play sets are an investment – yes, they cost more than a traditional metal swing set, but they have so many more features and benefits that the price is worth every penny. Here at Walpole Outdoors, you will be hard-pressed to find wooden play sets of a better quality than what we have to offer.

Our play sets are constructed from the same high quality wood that you expect to find from our fences. Walpole Woodworkers has one of the best reputations for quality and durability when it comes to fences – and the same holds true for our play sets. You can trust that your children are safe when they are playing and climbing on one of our durable, solid construction play sets. Choose from a variety of features, such as a chain ladder in lieu of a traditional metal rung ladder – or you can even have both. Swings, slides, climbing ropes, trapezes, and balls – your children will never be without something to do on one of our quality wooden play sets.

Ask about financing at Walpole Outdoors. We offer twelve monthly payments with zero interest.  Call 800-343-6948 to talk to our professional customer service person. Or bring your children in to the store nearest you for a test drive.



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