Home Decor: Cupolas

Spring Home Decor: Add A Cupola

When it comes to exterior home decor there are many classic structures to consider. One of those great pieces is a cupola.

Beautiful Walpole cupolas paired with classic weathervanes.

A cupola is a small structure that sits at the very top of a building often letting in light or allowing for ventilation. They are essentially crowns for buildings. Historically you can find cupolas of all shapes and sizes in cultures all over the world providing space for lookouts or a rooftop lantern. Barns are also often equipped with cupolas to provide ventilation in a safe space.

But you don’t have to use a cupola for light or ventilation — often the classic country look is all you need! A square or rectangular cupola with an attached weathervane gives off a wonderful country charm in a subtle way that can really change the appearance of your home.

Walpole Outdoors’ AZEK PVC cupolas are beautiful pieces that are individually handcrafted to proudly sit atop your home, barn or outdoor shed. Whether you prefer something square, rounded – with windows or without, we have a style that is right for you.

Rockingham Cupola

AZEK PVC is an advanced material that will not rot, warp, or split, and maintains its handsome good looks for years with no maintenance — you can place it on your roof and never worry.┬á All finished cupolas feature copper roofs and come ready to mount on your building. Walpole Outdoors design experts are always at the ready to help you determine which size cupola is right for your roof.

Walpole cupolas are perfect for providing ventilation for a barn or garage while deflecting  rainwater but it is not recommended that you cut the roof for ventilation over a finished room.

If you are looking for a cupola to house a lantern or just have a windowed look you will love the Rowley Cupola and Ipswich Cupola. Both are designed to look like miniature rooms with one window crafted with hinges for easy access. Each is topped with a brilliant copper roof in your preference of shape.

If ventilation (or the look) is what you are going for you have a large selection of shapes and sizes including the bell shaped Magellan Cupola and the hexagonal Lincoln Cupola. Each can be specially crafted to suit your unique roof. We also offer two styles in kit cupolas, Newbury Kit Cupola and Orion Kit Cupola, that are unpainted and come in three sections for easy installation.

A cupola is a simple addition to your home that can provide charm for years and years to come. Contact us for a free design consultation, visit one of our locations, or just purchase the perfect cupola online. And be sure to browse our selection of weathervanes to find the perfect topper. Add a little something special to your home or barn this spring!



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