Great Gifts: Bird Feeders

Yankee Flipper

Don’t let gifting stress you out! A great gift this holiday season is a Walpole bird feeder, a piece that your friends and family can enjoy all spring and summer long! Walpole bird feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of homes. We offer some simple classic hanging feeders to more ornate post feeders depending on your taste.

From our more formal styles crafted in solid cellular vinyl and cedar, prefinished white with decorative finials to our handsome, durable feeders made from clear polycarbonate and steel hardware for long life. Our birthbaths and stands are represented by the magnificent Williamsburg® style, and a handspun copper stand and bath crafted by Rhode Island artist, Bill Juaire. All are top quality and designed to bring pleasure until the birds fly south.

Place your feeder within sight of a window so you can watch the beautiful birds enjoy their new outdoor space! Here are a few varieties that would make the perfect gift.

Yankee Flipper: Birds love to eat from it but squirrels can’t. When a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with a motor that makes the perch spin and the squirrel is flipped off. Unit comes equipped with rechargeable nicad battery and a recharger.

Classic Perch Feeder: Always easy to know-when-to-fill feeders. Unique Venetian bronze finished steel construction. A feeder you’ll love just as much as your feathered friends.

Bird Happy Hollow: Delightfully attractive and highly functional, our family of critters can be employed as small planters, bird feeders, or potpourri vessels. What a great gift idea! Crafted in cast aluminum with a distinctive Venetian bronze finish.

Lazy Hill Large Shingled Feeder: A large feeding area attracts more birds. Copper band helps contain seed. It is crafted in solid cellular vinyl and painted white.

Yankee Dipper: Perch rods are calibrated to attract small birds and collapse under the weight of squirrels. Powder coated burgundy, clear polycarbonate with brass, aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Black Crow Bird Finial: Beautifully crafted from resin, these black crow finials add detail and whimsy to garden gates, fence, posts, or porches. Approximately 6″ tall and 10″ long.



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