Giving The Perfect Gift

It’s the season for gifting! If you have a homeowner or gardener in your life that takes pride in their home and yard we have a few gift suggestions this season.

A gift for the home is personal. What we put in our homes and gardens is a reflection of our style and taste and also the home we want to make. But giving a gift for the home doesn’t have to be difficult to be perfect.

Small items can make a house feel like a home. From lanterns to planters to birdhouses and feeders finding a quality gift for the home is easy if you look in the right place.

Lanterns & Posts

A classic Beacon Post Mount lantern lights up a winter entryway.

A great gift item during the holidays is a lantern.

Choose from dozens of styles that range from classic to nautical to contemporary.

All you have to know is what style your friend or family would more appreciate and in what way they would be mounting it. If they are likely to put it by a walkway or driveway you will want to go with the post mount lantern. If they would prefer to add some light to the doorway go for a side-mount lamp.

You can also go the extra step and purchase the post in which the new lantern will be mounted if you have an idea on the recipient’s specific needs.


Bird Houses and Feeders


The popular Lazy Hill Large Shingled House.

A bird house is a charming gift that can bring joy through

the spring, summer and autumn. All of our birdhouses are constructed either in natural white cedar or the long lasting wood alternative AZEK. The AZEK structures will fit in beautiful with nature without rotting or splitting like natural wood does over time or during weather events.

The Lazy Hill collection of houses and feeders is one of our most popular and features dozens of handsome homes for the birds.


Mailboxes & Posts


The eye catching Copper Mailbox.

If you own or live in a home then you are always in

need of a mailbox. A great gift for the holidays or a housewarming is a brand new mailbox.

A mailbox is something you see each and every day so you might as well enjoy it. Choose from one of our beautiful sturdy boxes in a variety of colors.

Each mailbox is ready to adhere to a post so you can get to using it right away.




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