Gifting 2018: Birdhouses

Gifting giving is an art form. What do they want? What do they need? What are their interests this year? Luckily there are a few tried and true gifts that every homeowner can appreciate and get years of use out of.

The Lazy Hill Large Shingled House has eight compartments and a classic shingled design.

Sometimes you have to ignore technology and go back to the basics – like a sturdy and lovely bird house or bird feeder.

Lucky for you the Lazy Hill bird house and feeder collection is as timeless as it gets – crafted with the best materials that will ensure it will last years and years.

Even if bird watching isn’t a hobby of theirs these houses look great on fencing end caps, on posts, on porches and in so many other locations.¬†These houses and feeders can attract a wide variety of birds and fill your warmer days with beautiful life and color.

A great place to start is with the popular Large Shingled House. This bird house is sizable and versatile crafted in durable solid cellular vinyl. This house can be placed on a post or on a number of different structures throughout a backyard or garden.


Birds of every color and size will be attracted to this magnificent handcrafted feeder that features a copper or verde top and edging band.

Other great choices include the smaller, but still lovely Lazy Hill Coppertop House. This house has a metal finial for hanging and metal bracket for mounting. This house can even make a great front entry accent.

If you would prefer gifting a feeder you have many choices including the large Lazy Hill Shingled Feeder and the smaller Lazy Hill Small Tube Feeder. Both are great pieces that will attract birds from spring through autumn.

Shop the entire line of bird houses and feeders over on our website or drop in to one of our many retail locations.



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