Creating A Stone or Brick Garden Path

If you scroll through Pinterest enough you will find yourself dreaming of a garden pathway that looks like it was ripped straight from a fairytale. Lush greens and flowers growing wildly surround a rustic stone pathway that leads to anywhere and everywhere.

Image this path beginning with an arbor covered in v vines and blooms! (Pinterest)

Image this path beginning with an arbor covered in vines and blooms! (Pinterest)

Well, you’ve got your arbor (that was easy) now it’s time to get your hands dirty! If you want that etherial pathway lined with flowers you first have to plan and define it.

Creating your own garden path may seem like a real chore but it can be fun and simple if you plan ahead and have the right tools…and like a bit of hard work!

Materials: First you have to choose what kind of path you are going to create. Do you want to use stone? Brick? Gravel? Or something more organic like mulch? Deciding on your material makes a huge difference in how you are going to create the path. So first look at the space you have and the aesthetic. If you don’t have so much room maybe a path of large stones won’t work. For a stone or brick path keep on reading!

Measure and dig: With string and pegs measure and map out your path. Remember if you want a certain edging to include that when you measure. From there dig enough dirt out to accommodate the sand and gravel that will make up the bottom of the pathway. Also remember to make the path slant at an angle sightly for proper drainage. Once that is finished use some wood to enclose the pathway by securing it to the pegs you added to map out the path earlier.

Gravel and stone: Get your gravel and spread a layer on the pathway, tamping it down afterwards. Next spread a layer of sand making sure it is perfectly level and filled. After you can lay your stone or brick into the sand, tamping them down so they are securely in the sand and level with each other. After you are finished fill the gaps between bricks or stones with fine sand, finishing off with some more decorative gravel on the surface.



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