Furnishing Your Vacation Home with Outdoor Lifestyle Ideas

No matter where your vacation home is located, it’s sure to be a magical place that lifts your spirits even before you and your family pull up to the front door.

But when you sit back and relax in your great summer outdoor area, are you really sitting comfortably? Perhaps that old Adirondack is showing its age – with shaky legs and frightening creaks when you sit down. (Or could I be I be talking about you?)

Maybe it’s time to make your summer place as comfortable and as pleasing to the eye as your home back in the nine-to-five world.

Walpole Outdoors has an amazing selection of choices in Classic Rustic Log furniture. These tables, chairs, and benches feature mortise and tenon joints and sturdy construction so durable you’re sure to get many years of family use out of them.

If the rustic style doesn’t suit your vacation home’s architecture, or your particular location, you might want to feast your eyes on Walpole Kingsley-Bate elegant furniture for dining out, outdoors. These tables and chairs are crafted from the world’s premium teak, or you can choose designs manufactured to precise perfection in all-weather wicker.

Whatever your outdoor preferences and budget, Walpole Outdoors has many, many furniture options to choose from.

Of course it’s often the small things that really make a difference around the summertime homestead. Like the sound of charming wind chimes that lull you gently to sleep…so you wake up refreshed and ready to face the afternoon cocktail hour.

Then there are perennially favorites, like Walpole birdhouses and feeders. Just think about pouring that first cup of coffee of the morning – when the house is quiet, the kids and guests are still asleep – and then casually watching as songbirds swoop to the feeders in your yard. You may want to sit down (in your new Adirondack?), as this activity can be exhausting.

Other ways you may consider sprucing up your summer home is with window boxes and planters. It’s an opportunity to add some color while you are doing the same. (Sunscreen for the family, plant food for the flowers.)

Out front, a smart addition is a Walpole mailbox post and mailbox. After all, you don’t want to miss a single issue of your favorite magazine while on vacation. Yes, that same publication you never quite have the time to finish at home during the work week.

So why not take a few minutes to visit Walpole Outdoors online soon and click through the many choices on view to help make your vacation home an even more spectacular experience than it already is.

Remember, your Walpole selections will also be there waiting for you when you return next summer – inviting you to relax outdoors in comfort, with a cold drink in hand and enjoying the Red Sox on your radio. That’s if the 2016 roster has as much quality as your new furniture. We live in hope.



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