Flash Sale – Rockport Planters

Fall Flash Sale – Rockport Planters 30% Off

Square Rockport Planters

Save big this fall with our Flash Sales starting with our beautiful square Rockport Planters at 30 percent off for a limited time both online and in stores.

Select from our two planters to enhance any location around your home – from front porch and between garage doors, to patio and by the pool. Our 16″ and 18″ square planters fit perfectly on your front porch and make beautiful containers for gardens and arrangements throughout the year.

Handcrafted in cellular PVC with all the quality of natural wood without any of the maintenance, no peeling, not rotting – no liners necessary! Note the attention to handcrafting detailing, including the look of 3 5∕8″ vertical boards. Pre-drilled holes for fastening and disassembly for off-season storage. 

Planters are a great investment for your exterior home decor throughout the year. Plant a heap of colorful flowers in the spring and transition to summer. When the cold comes create a beautiful seasonal arrangement with grasses, evergreens, and holiday decor. Our Rockport planters look great in pairs at your front door, on your porch, or even by your mailbox!

Save by ordering your planters online using coupon code: FFS14a or drop in to one of our many retail locations. Subscribe to our email list to get notified every time we launch a Flash Sale so you will never miss out!



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