Five Great Climbing Plants


If you have a garden structure like an arborobelisklattice, or trellis you are always on the lookout for a beautiful climbing plant to really bring it to life. Luckily there is a climbing plant for every style; some with colorful flowers and some with sweeping vines. Which one is the best for your home? Which one grows the fastest and lasts the longest? Here are five of our favorite climbing plants that will bring your home and garden to life and last throughout the season.

1. Clematis. The clematis plant is a well known and common climbing plant for good reason. This beautiful plant grows quickly and latches on to just about anything. This won’t just look good on your garden structure but will also climb along you fence and up your mail and lantern posts as well. The flowering vine looks amazing in the spring and summer with beautiful pink and purple flowers blooming everywhere.

2. Wisteria. If you are looking for true drama consider planting some sprawling wisteria. This plant grows fast and produces long lavender blooms that add elegance to any structure. This plant is harder to grow than some others and requires a sturdy structure to support it and a good deal of care and pruning. Grow this on a trellis or arbor over a walkway but keep it away from other, smaller plants, as it is competitive for space.

Climbing Roses

3. Moonflower. A beautiful, classic climbing plant is the moonflower. The plant grows thick on just about any structure with beautiful white flowers opening all over. This plant looks great on any structure because it creates a thick, lush covering. Moonflower grows best around its supports so give it some guidance and send it on its way.

4. Star Jasmine. If you are looking for a beautiful evergreen vine go for star jasmine. This plant grows quickly on structures like arbors and fences with white flowers blooming through the spring and the summer. This plant looks great in the off season when it isn’t growing with its sprawling and lush greens remaining on your outdoor structure.

5. Climbing Roses. A true classic, climbing roses add a touch of elegance to any garden structure. Depending on your needs you can choose between climbing (smaller long lasting blooms) and rambling (larger blooms that only open once a season) roses, both of which are beautiful climbers. You can find climbing roses in a variety of colors to suit your needs. Add these to a trellis or an arbor and watch them open in the warm weather!



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