Five Fantastic Houseplants

Christmas Cactus

The weather may be cooling down but that doesn’t mean your green thumb is useless. Your outdoor garden may be withering away but that only gives you an opportunity to make your home a houseplant paradise!

While you can’t bring your entire garden indoors for the winter you can create new ones with some houseplants that are seasonal, beautiful, and easy to care for.

Boston Fern: One of the most beautiful green plants you can put in a hanging planter is a Boston Fern. The Boston Fern has long, lacy looking fronds with beautiful texture and color. The plant grows long and wide giving any room a great natural feel. This fern grows best in medium/bright light (so keep it near a window) in 60-75 degree temperatures, perfect for any home.

Christmas Cactus: Sometimes called a Thanksgiving Cactus (depending on when the flowers bloom) this houseplant is a burst of color in the cool winter. During the fall keep the plant in a sunny, frost free location until the buds start to develop. This plant should be kept in areas of bright light in temperatures between 70-80 degrees, 55 degrees in the fall. Water regularly but keep the soil moderately dry.

Croton Plant

Croton: If you want some greenery that can really add a pop try planting some Croton. This plant has classic green leaves with veins of bright yellow and red, warming up any room. The leaves are exotic and dramatic and look great in a simple pot. This plant grows best in bright light with temperatures between 60-75 degrees. Make sure you allow the surface of the soil to dry between waterings. Also note that this plant is poisonous and can make kids and pets sick if they chew on it.

Jade Plant: The Jade Plant is green, funky, and super easy to maintain. If you are someone who forgets to water indoor plants, or who goes away often this is the plant for you. This plant thrives in cooler temperatures while being kept relatively dry.  During the growing season keep in a bright room with temperatures between 65-75 degrees; in the winter keep it at around 55 degrees.

Brazilian Fireworks: This is a plant that looks beautiful all the time. In the spring and summer it flowers into stunning red and purple flowers. When the flowers begin to die the plant still looks beautiful because its long green leaves with hints of silver thrive. Keep this plant in medium to bright light in temperatures between 65-80 degrees. Keep the soil evenly moist for optimal growth.



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