Enjoying Your Pergola in Autumn

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t put your outdoor furniture into storage just yet!

Pergola_8840It may be cooler outside but it is certainly not so cold you have to begin hibernation. Your patio or outdoor seating space still has weeks of life ahead of it and can become an autumn paradise with a few simple decorating touches.

A great decorative addition to a backyard, even in the fall, is a pergola. Pergolas are decorative shaded pieces that can either stand-alone or connect to a house or patio. In the summer these structures can provide a beautiful shaded seating area but in the fall they can turn into romantic and festive spaces to enjoy the outdoors.

A low maintenance vinyl pergola can be decorated a number of ways into the fall.

  • Lighting: A great fall accent is the addition of lights. Grab some of your Christmas lights out of storage and string them up early through the ceiling of the structure. This creates a great environment to cozy up with a warm drink and a book. If you really want to get festive get some with orange or warmer colored bulbs. To keep your yard looking less like a Christmas scene keep the lights in the backyard only on the pergola and railings.
  • Furnishings: Bring out the fall furnishings! Fall is all about deep solid tones. Take a cue from Better Homes and Gardens and combine deep fall colors with brighter colors to keep your outdoor space fresh until Thanksgiving. Add some accents to seating spaces like cozy blankets and bold pillows.
  • Flowers: Mums the word! Mums are great outdoor flowers for fall because they maintain their color and are hard to kill. Grab some potted mums in a variety of colors and work them into the space, on end tables, next to seats, and around the pergola posts.
  • Festive décor: If you don’t live in an area where the leaves change (or you do and you just want them to last longer) create festive displays of fake leaves in vases, planters, and garden boxes. For an added touch string fake leaves with your outdoor lights up the posts of the pergola. For more add some fall gourds and pumpkins to planters and at the bottom of the pergola posts.

A traditionally summer space can be fitted for fall with just a few simple design touches. If you don’t have a pergola and have read this with jealousy browse through our selection of great pergola kits in vinyl, wood, cedar, and canvas.



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