Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer


Why go out when you can stay in? You shouldn’t have to get away to enjoy the outdoors.¬†¬†Travelling to your own backyard is an overlooked and essential part of enjoying the summer sun. What can you do to make your backyard the perfect summer retreat?

Create A Space

The first thing you need to do is create a backyard living space. This space isn’t a room but should have an obvious border without being closed off. A great way to do this is with outdoor furniture arranged around some kind of central piece like a table or large planter. If you have a pergola this is the perfect use for it! You want to create an outdoor space that mirrors your most relaxing seating area in your home. Think about how you will use it alone and how you will use it with company and arrange accordingly – it should work for both.

Embrace The Details

When creating a space you are going to spend a lot of time in you should pay attention to the details! Fabrics, colors and decor are all important when creating a relaxing environment. Do plush fabrics make you feel at ease? Do you like rustic wicker furniture? Whatever your personal style, embrace it! Pay attention to pillows and cushions and select pieces that have vibrancy, a nice texture and durability. After the dressings be mindful of lighting. Not every summer day is full of sunshine and clear skies. Add lighting touches that can transform your space from day to night in an instant.

Keep It Shady

While the sun is nice, it’s always wise to have a shaded area where you can retreat. Adding some kind of shaded element will allow you to enjoy your space in the rain or with a sunburn. If you are creating a space under a pergola consider getting a retractable canopy, if you are not under a structure you can invest in a canopy or just a large umbrella.

Add Amenities

One of the best parts of vacationing are the amenities. Why not add some to your summer space?

Want an outdoor kitchen? Add one! A bar? Add one! You don’t have to go all out but adding a few luxurious touches will make you feel like you are at a resort. Consider adding a small refrigerator and decorating it to blend into the scenery. Guests will love coming over!



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