Deer Proof Garden

Three Plants to Create A Deer Proof Garden

Lilly of the Valley

If you have a garden or any kind of home landscaping you have dealt with your fair share of pests. The biggest pests (literally) are deer. Deer love to dine in your garden when you aren’t looking, causing a lot of damage that is often very hard to repair in the same season with uprooted plants, broken fencing, and knocked over planters. Though you really can’t find a fool proof way to keep deer out short of installing a tall fence, there are some plants that are beautiful but not so appetizing for deer.

These next few plants are beautiful and not desired by deer. Though you certainly don’t have to sacrifice your garden favorites like the deer-loved roses and tulips, these make wonderful additions to landscaping to deter deer from ruining all your hard (or expensive) work.

Lilly of the Valley: Lilly of the valley is a beautiful ground cover that spreads quickly after planting and produces small white sweet-smelling flowers throughout the warmer seasons. This plant is great to create a deer proof garden or landscape because it is poisonous and deer certainly know it. The only drawback on this plant is that it is also poisonous to humans and pets (anyone remember Breaking Bad?) so if you have pets or small children you might want to decide on something else.



Virginia Bluebells: Add a little color to your deer proof garden with Virginia bluebells. Every spring this wonderful plant blooms with amazing blue flowers that look like little bells, hence the name. The plant will go dormant in mid to late summer but produce beautiful flowers that wildlife have no interest in chomping on. Blue is always a wonderful, and not over utilized, color for a garden or outdoors space.

Bee Balm: This plant is one that attracts the good native pollinators like bees while detracting other animals like deer. Bee balm is a great perennial plant for any garden with beautiful red flowers that last throughout summer. Watch on a sunny day and you will see other great animals like butterflies and hummingbirds around the blooms!



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