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Boost Your Curb Appeal

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It’s been proven that homes with better curb appeal sell faster and often for more money. But even if you aren’t selling your home making the exterior more inviting is a great idea when welcoming friends and family and making an impression in your neighborhood. Now that it’s spring we can revisit some ways you can boost curb appeal easily!

1. Pave or edge your driveway. A neat driveway is an easy way to completely revitalize the look of your home. A fresh coat of pavement can work wonders, especially if it is discolored from years of use and full of potholes from the winter weather. If you don’t need a pave then edging is a great idea. Some sort of edge, whether stone, wood, or shrubs created a divider from your lawn keeping dirt and grass where it is supposed to be. Edging creates clean lines that are always eye catching.

2. Make your front door inviting. While you don’t have to go all-out based on what holiday is nearest adding a few design touches to your front door can make your home more welcoming. You can do this with a year-round wreath that compliments your home’s color or with your house number or family name sign placed on the side.

3. Light the way! Outdoor lighting is a great way to improve the outside of your home. While lights leading up the walkway look fantastic a simple and classic lantern will do the trick. A lantern on a post is a great addition that you can dress up depending on the season. At Walpole Outdoors we now have a beautiful selection of landscape lighting available!

Lattice Window Box

4. Bring your green thumb to your front yard. If you are an avid gardener don’t keep your talents in the backyard! Spend some time planting flowers and greenery in your front yard to really bring your home to life! A little color will real make your home stand out from all the others with just simple green lawns.

5. Add window boxes! Window boxes are something you can enjoy both outside and inside the house. To create symmetry install a window box on either side of your front door. Fill the boxes with colorful flowers that are right for the season. You will get complements immediately! If you love container gardening you can also add a planter at your front entrance filled with flowers and plants that compliment what’s growing in the window boxes.

6. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Give your front door a makeover! A brightly colored front door is an instant eye-catcher and looks great with a landscaped home. Choose a color that compliments your home, warm if the tone is warm and cool if it’s cool. A simple red or blue can make all the difference!



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