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Walpole has many years of experience working with builders and architects as well as homeowners nationwide. At the Union City High School in New Jersey, a student common area is defined by a low maintenance cellular PVC Walpole Pergola structure supported by brick columns. The effect is dramatic and distinctive.


Making a spectacular entrance at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod is a custom Walpole pergola with substantial, oversize square panel posts and appropriately sized lattice side panels.


An unspectacular brick fronted commercial building becomes an inviting and imaginative entranceway when fronted by a handsome attached pergola which also doubles as understated restaurant signage. The sustainable cellular PVC assures low maintenance and grand style.


Parents, teachers, and administrators alike are delighted that arriving pre-schoolers can stay comfortable even on rainy mornings under the solid roof covering of an impressive expanse of pergola. Substantial supporting columns atop stone bases add to the pleasing architectural design.


This restaurant’s handsome railing brings both safety and charm to the welcoming outdoor dining area. The railing is crafted in AZEK, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood, and will look great for years with little-to-no upkeep.


A fine example of how a building’s entranceway can be impressive and inviting is seen in this custom structure created by Walpole for a New Jersey school. The fence, affixed to a short stone wall, has airy, horizontal/vertical lattice panels. Crisscross lattice is featured on the arch-top structure that encloses the metal gates.


The Walpole Chestnut Hill is never out of style, making this classic an ideal choice for discerning homeowners everywhere – including this location in Cape May, one of the country’s oldest vacation resort destinations. The picket fence perfectly complements the expansive upper and lower deck railing, while the convex-topped gate highlights the eye-catching geometric detail over the entryway.


This Connecticut project includes an attached 32’ long pergola with four 10” square posts and 4 ½” by 12” carrying beams. On top are shade canopies with smooth, effortless motor drives. The seating area is enclosed by a Walpole Yorktown fence fronted by decorative flower boxes.


This custom railing is a superb example of how expertly Walpole can meet your needs for stairways and porches. The Pendleton is a classic style that blends graciously with the architecture of many homes, from traditional to new construction. On the balcony above are Chippendale panels, adding even more sophistication and charm to the overall look.


Our standard 6’ wide Garden arbor has 4” square posts, and a 4” square decorative carrying beam. The impressive pergola-style top is complemented by horizontal/vertical lattice side panels.


Offered in sizes that are appropriate for homes with larger windows, Estate window boxes have a charm that complements the creativity of flower gardeners. These boxes, located in Chatham, MA, are crafted in low maintenance AZEK, an advanced vinyl material that looks exactly like natural wood, yet won’t crack or peel, and will hold its great looks for years with little-to-no attention.


Walpole will handcraft custom planters in any style and to the dimensions that meet your specific needs. These are crafted in AZEK, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood.


Heighten the sophistication of an outdoor area far above the street with Walpole planters that can be created to any shape and size, in the design of your choice.

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his elegant Chestnut Hill scallop double drive gate has automatic opening and closing. It features handcrafted panel posts with tasteful contemporary lanterns on top.



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