Cleaning Your Outdoor Structures

With the warmer weather coming in you will be spending more and more time outdoors. So naturally you will want your outdoor structures looking their best! Here are some tips to giving your outdoor structures, including fencing, a good clean to get them back to looking their best.

Wood and Natural Structures

Is your wood fencing ready for spring?

Is your wood fencing ready for spring?

If you have natural wood fencing you know that it requires a little maintenance to keep in tip-top shape. Whether your wood is natural or stained you generally clean it the same.

The first step is to make sure there is no rot or warping – no weak sections. Once you have given it a thorough inspection you can now clean it. We recommend power washing it simply with water to preserve the look. If the structure has heavy staining clean it with a solution of three-parts water to one-part bleach. This should remove the stains without damaging the wood.


AZEK and Cellular PVC

Cleaning your AZEK structures is easy!

Cleaning your AZEK structures is easy!

If you have an AZEK outdoor structure you know that it generally requires less upkeep than its wooden counterparts. You will want to give your AZEK structure a similar power wash with water to remove normal weather related dirt and stains.

Generally AZEK won’t stain like wood but if it has significant staining then using the three-parts water to one-part bleach solution is recommended.¬†You can also things like Magic Erasers and Simple Green Cleaner to clean your AZEK structure if you would rather do it by hand or only have a few spots that need attention.



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