Birdwatching & Senior Centers

A few Lazy Hill bird houses and feeders in the outdoor area of a senior center.

A few Lazy Hill bird houses and feeders in the outdoor area of a senior center.

If you are developing a retirement community or senior center you have to keep in mind the kinds of activities the facility will be able to accommodate. One of the best activities for seniors is also one of the most inexpensive – birdwatching.

Birdwatching is a great solo or group activity that encourages seniors to spend time outdoors.

Though you can travel the world and walk miles birdwatching it’s also an activity that can be done in a smaller space or garden. Watching the birds that come and go in your own backyard is a great way to truly appreciate the place where you live and the season around you.

A Lazy Hill birdhouse in the courtyard of a senior center.

Localized birdwatching can boost seniors mental alertness and get them using all of their senses as they watch and wait. It also helps develop patience and relaxation as you watch and wait to see what comes by for some seed.

You can achieve this with very little cost by adding a few beautiful birdhouses and bird feeders to your grounds that can accommodate a number of bird species.

Put a few closer to the buildings and keep a few inside a garden or more wooded area to create different outdoor recreation areas.

Birdhouses and feeders also add some charm to an outdoor area and make it feel a little more like home, something that is a goal when creating a living or recreation space for seniors.

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