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Fun Feeders!

The spring sunshine brings out the birds! During the day you can hear the beautiful birds, back from their winter escape, chirping outside your windows. What better way to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring than with the birds!

This spring add some charming bird structures to your backyard and garden so you can enjoy their presence as you enjoy the weather. A great addition to your yard is a beautiful Walpole bird feeder. Watch as the native birds flock to your backyard to feed and get to know some of the different species sharing your backyard with you.

Add a little extra charm with one of our adorable and unique bird feeders! Go for a nautical theme or even add a little love with a classic heart.

Crescent Moon VB Feeder

Designed to attract our feathered friends, these see-through feeders make bird watching more delightful than ever. And it’s easy to know when a refill is needed. Venetian Bronze finished steel. Holds 4 lbs. of seed.

Buoy Suet Feeder

Custom-made cedar suet feeders start as the solid core from one of our hollowed-out birdhouses. Measuring 16″ tip to tip and 4½” at base. Suet cake installed. Made in USA.

Palazzo Bird Feeders

Combining classic lines with contemporary “air, this easy-to-clean tube feeder is topped with a pagoda style copper finished roof. Handsome rivets embellish each edge. The lipped feeding tray with convenient drain holes prevents waste and keeps seeds dry.Medium feeder, 15½”H, 7¼” sq., 1 1⁄3 lb. seed capacity. Large feeder, 19″H, 10″ sq., 3 1/2 lb. seed capacity.

Heart Fly Thru Feeders

This unique Venetian bronze and ruby-red finished steel bird feeder is sure to attract birds that know your love for them is heartfelt. 15″H, 13″W. Holds 4½ lbs. of seed.

Bird Happy Hollow

Delightfully attractive and highly functional, our family of critters can be employed as small planters, bird feeders, or potpourri vessels. What a great gift idea! Crafted in cast aluminum with a distinctive Venetian bronze finish. 8½”H, 8½”W, 5½”D.

Castella Bird Feeders

This distinctive and beautifully crafted bird feeder is topped with a copper-finished steel turret that soars to a graceful peak. You’ll welcome the easy-to-clean tube feeder. The lipped feeding tray with convenient drain holes prevents waste and keeps seeds dry.Medium Feeder, 17¾”H, 7¾” dia. Holds 1½ lb. of seed. Large Feeder, 21 ½”H, 11″ dia. Holds 3½ lb. of seed.



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