Best White Flowers

Monochromatic Charm

Iceberg Roses add instant elegance

When designing your landscaping or garden space it’s all about your own personal taste. While many people love to plant a rainbow of colors other like to keep it a little more elegant and simple with a few choice color combinations. One of the best ways to add some instant elegance to your home is by planting some beautiful white flowers.

White flowers bring an elegant look with their delicate petals and burst of freshness. A beautiful monochromatic arrangement with white flowers of varying shapes and sizes is a beautiful sight. White flowers also look great when paired with any other color, making the color instantly stand out. Here are a few great white flowers to add to your garden and landscaping this spring and summer.

Iceberg Rose: If you are looking for the most elegant flower around, plant iceberg roses. This rose variety is very popular and quite easy to plant and maintain, perhaps the easiest rose variety needing only a few hours of sun and little water. Through the summer and fall the bushes produce beautiful cream colored roses that make an exceptional arrangement or landscape look. Also this variety is nearly thornless! An extra plus!

Shasta Daisies are a summer staple

Annabelle Hydrangea: Hydrangeas are a gardener’s and landscaper’s best friend. The plants are easy to plant and maintain and produce some truly remarkable blooms during the spring and summer. A great white variety is the Annabelle hydrangea, which produces large clusters of white flowers that look beautiful in your garden or in a vase in your home.

Lilac: Fun fact — lilac also comes in white! The popular ground covering and shrub comes in a refreshing cool white as well as its more common purple and blue options. The clusters of small white flowers look beautiful when set next to the deep green of the plant’s leaves and branches.

Daisies: Daisies are some of the most recognizable flowers in the world, included in many different kinds of gardens as well as clothing and home decor. Shasta daisies are a beautiful perennial for your garden with their beautiful white petals offsetting their bright yellow centers. Daisies are the perfect summer flower for any home.




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