Beautiful Perennial Vines

Best Perennial Vines

Trumpet Vines are a great perennial

Adding beautiful flowers and plants to your home doesn’t have to take up a ton of space. Think vertical! There are many vines and climbing plants that can make a beautiful impact on your existing structures like arbors, pergolas, fencing, lattices, and trellis. You cal also add some vines to your mail and lantern posts to add a boost to your homes’ curb appeal.

Regardless of your style or the structures you already own or are planning to add there is a vine for you. And what’s better than a beautiful vine? Gorgeous perennial vines that come back year after year, of course!

Clematis: If you are looking for a big pop of color from a perennial vine that is easy to grow then go with a beautiful clematis plant. Clematis are fast growers and come in a variety of colors including the popular pink and purple. This flowering vine comes in many varieties that have different bloom times so you can tailor your plant to your climate and needs.

Wisteria: Dramatic and lush, wisteria is a plant that makes a serious impression. A great perennial vine, wisteria look beautiful when growing from above on fencing and trellis structures. This plant produces clusters of beautiful, fragrant flowers but can become a menace if not cared for. Wisteria are known for their aggressive growth and can easily overtake a garden if you don’t properly maintain it. If you don’t plan on regular maintenance then adding wisteria to your garden or landscaping is not a great idea.

Sweet Pea vines are a great pop of color

Sweet Pea: The name says it all. The perennial sweet pea vine is the perfect plant for a smaller structure like a mail or lantern post or small lattice. The vine grows only about six-feet tall so you don’t have to worry about it getting out of control but it can attract pests to its delicate flowers. Through the growing season it produces cute white or pink flowers throughout the vine.

Trumpet Vine: If you are looking for some serious color, you are looking for trumpet vine. This perennial vine produces some serious color with beautiful red, yellow, or orange trumpet shaped flowers bursting all over. This is a great plant for attracting pollinators and adding some serious cheer to your summer structures.



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