AZEK and Commercial Installations

Walpole Outdoors has not only been serving homeowners since 1933 but has also been designing, fabricating and installing commercial projects across the country.

With the strength and durability of AZEK PVC Walpole has been able to craft some impressive outdoor structures for businesses, hospitals, schools, parks, hotels and much more. State-of-the-art AZEK is attractive and low-maintenance making it the ideal material for a large or small commercial project.

Want to see AZEK┬áin action? Here are just a few of the many AZEK commercial projects completed by Walpole Outdoors…

UMASS Lowell Pergola

To create this beautiful walkway Walpole installed a pergola with square pillars affixed with lattice panels and then fit securely to the masonry wall. This structure, designed for the space, is made of durable AZEK that will look great for years and years of students to come!

Boardwalk Pergolas

Grab some shade under one of the finely crafted Walpole pergolas in this boardwalk space. These AZEK kit pergolas are a beautiful addition to the scenery and completely functional for visitors to enjoy year after year.

The Ocean House Resort Railings

Pergolas aren’t the only Walpole product to take advantage of AZEK. Here is a railing installation done on Rhode Islands’ Ocean House Resort. Walpole crafted hundreds of feet of AZEK PVC railings to install around the exterior of this beautiful and historic seaside building. For this project more than 300 shop drawings and elevations were crafted by Walpole engineers with numerous prototypes crafted and considered for this restoration.

For more information on AZEK PVC check out our previous post about the production of our PVC materials. Contact us today for a free design consultation with one of our design experts.



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